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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, I invite you on a voyage on the ship called "Fantasy", of which I will be the captain, and you are more than welcome in the role of passengers!

Sit comfortably - there is a comfortable deck chair for everyone, all places have wonderful panoramic views and leave it to me to take care of your good mood!

With unceasing trepidation, extreme enthusiasm, incomparable excitement, a lot of positive emotions, to which I add a lot of sun, a pinch of sinemorets-blue and thousands of sand-magic-golden, I start a magical thematic series here, which will be a kind of explanation in love with Sinemorets!!

I love Sinemorets!

Touring around with the magical ship "Fantasy" we will visit:

My dear friends, this is a fiery explanation in love with Sinemorets!

See you soon from Sinemorets, sailors!

And let's wish you a fair wind!

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