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The Sphinx of Sinemorets

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Now we will visit the impressive Sphinx of Sinemorets. This is a strange, bizarre rock near the Veleka beach, which has gained fame in recent years by the fact that with more or less fantasy it looks like lying by the sea and staring ahead at the infinity of time Sphinx.

Sinemorets is indescribably charming!

Strange (even odd) and beautifully deilghtful!

Its fields are green in spring!

Unearthly flowers with bizarre colors adorn its cliffs, sculpted as if by magic!

How to get to the Sphinx of Sinemorets?

To see the Sphinx of Sinemorets, go to Sinemorets.

You go down to Veleka beach and instead of the estuary, you go in the opposite direction, passing the high cliffs.

As soon as you go out on the small beach, you turn towards Veleka and there you will find him - lying by the cliffs tired, as if for millennia thinking about eternal questions about the universe and time, looking for answers, staring at the blue sea infinity.

And let's wish you a fair wind!

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