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My name is Stefan Ivanov and I am creator, owner and author of Photo moments.

I'm a professional photographer and travel blogger with tens of thousands of social media followers and regularly post original content on my channels, links to which you'll find at the bottom of this page.

I am a member of ACTOM - Association of the owners of tourist online media in Bulgaria.

I love to travel! And these are my photo moments!

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Wandering around our small but amazingly beautiful Bulgaria, I have been left speechless by magnificent views, amazing wonders, ancient antiquities steeped in so much history, and secret trails leading to wonderful but little-known places!

That's why I decided to share! To photograph my every trip and blog about it, so as to awaken a burning desire in every traveler at heart to go on an adventure.

Every photo moment of mine is my creation - I know where and exactly how I took it; I remember what I felt, how exactly I wanted to stand to capture exactly what the moment brought and portrayed.

I know everything about my every photo moment!

I remember every picture, every shot, every feeling, every breath of wind, every ray of light, every white cloud, every little beetle, every blade of grass, every pebble, twig, wave, bird...

I remember those mountain slopes and the ancient trees—green giants leaning against the clouds, high in the sky; I remember each waterfall – crashing down, crashing into gentle foam – splashing magic, breathing life, breathing freshness…

And the blue sky that blends into one with the mountain!

And the sun above all!

And the flower, smiling along the trail - cheerfully pointing its head up.

Such a beauty! Indescribable! Magnificent! Speechless!

Another trip to remember!

Looking at each photo moment of mine, I relive it – again and again…

I'm going back to where the moment was born, where it first breathed life...

I know exactly what I felt while the photo moment was being created...

And now I share these feelings of mine with you!

I collected all the journeys experienced on my website "Photo moments" - prepared and presented with a lot of love! A unique experience that I am giving you!

This is a travel blog for Bulgaria and around the world, in which every beauty seeker will find detailed information about various destinations, picturesquely illustrated with remarkable and incomparable in magnificence photo and video material, sealed with a particle of grace.

Each trip is arranged in thematic sections and ends with a link to a superb photo album that perfectly illustrates it. And this is one of the special advantages of "Photo moments" and its distinguishing feature - the adventures collected in photo albums, overflowing with beauty, which every discoverer of magnificence can experience again and again!

Photo moments

Dream and travel with me and my photo moments, my dear friends!

Feel Bulgaria!

Experience Bulgaria via "Photo moments"!

Enjoy them!

Share them with your friends!


Feel the beauty of our small, but so charming Bulgaria!

And aim for the heights, conquering peak after peak!

"Photo moments" is with you and will support you in everyday, gray and difficult endeavors!

To new heights, my dear friends!

Stefan from Photo moments (
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