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How can I help you?

I am creator, owner and author of Photo moments.
As a keen photographer and travel blogger with tens of thousands of social media followers, I regularly post original content on my channels, links to which you will find at the bottom of this page.

What is a travel blogger?

Travel bloggers are people who share their travels, stories and travel tips on their own websites.
We, travel bloggers, do not work for anyone and that is exactly why our opinion is sincere, our assessment is objective and our stories are real and authentic.
We, travel bloggers, are people of authority in our field and we know that our followers completely rely on us and the information we collect, that's why our tips and stories are always real, alive, emotional, tested and shared.

Why work with travel bloggers?

In the online space, we, travel bloggers, are opinion leaders!
We, travel bloggers, are influential people in our field - we have tens of thousands of followers who follow our own experiences with interest, get inspired by our stories and trust our advice.

My professional qualities are supported by professional gear

  • Sony Alpha 7 IV - Full-frame Interchangeable Lens Camera 33MP, 10FPS, 4K/60p

  • Sony FE 24-240 mm f3.5-6.3 OSS lens

  • Smallrig 3760 CT180 Video Tripod Kit

What do travel bloggers do?

First of all, travel bloggers travel a lot!
Second, travel bloggers inspire people!
We, travel bloggers, tell about our travels, give tips about the places we've visited, share useful and interesting information so that we get our audience to follow us to the places we've been.
We, travel bloggers, know how to write, we know how to describe, we know how to persuade and we know how to create an opinion.
We, travel bloggers, understand photography, social media, SEO, marketing, design a LOT – all skills that are useful to any business.

Benefits of working with travel bloggers

Travel bloggers are the best example of word of mouth advertising!
In many countries, travel bloggers have the status of journalists, but their opinion is much more valuable because:

  • do not work in frames;

  • they would never lie to their readers or manipulate their opinion. Therefore, the trust in them is huge;

  • will help you reach a new audience;

  • they will help you build an authentic image of your brand;

  • thanks to them you will improve your online presence.

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Photo moments

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What My Fans Say


Penka K. Atanasova

Your photo moments and the historically true emotional-fascinating stories about them inspire us to strive to get to know the beauty and history of our Fatherland.
Personally, following your directions for the routes, I made several trips around our country, turning the virtual walks you published into real ones.
I hope that your membership in this association will be a stimulus and recognition for your aspiration to involve more and more people in getting to know and advertising different destinations leading to the wildest corners of Bulgaria.
I wish you good luck!

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