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Veleka's hair

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Sinemorets is freedom!

Sinemorets is a casual beauty!

Unseen charm and captivating love!

And the pearl here is the golden and ever-changing hair of Veleka!

My dear friends, I invite you to take a walk on the amazing lagoon created by the kiss of the river with the sea!

The walk here is always an incomparable real charm!

Ever since the green meadows and the symbol - the three straw umbrellas, I turn my gaze to the magnificent lagoon, longing for a walk on the sand.

With trepidation I go down the slope.

Then along the wooden path among the scarlet poppies, blooming in May and painting the golden dunes red, giving them a different, enchanting look.

I am quietly overwhelmed by this beauty.

The sea breeze is crazy!

The sea is completely calm - azure, vast and blue. The most beautiful sinemorets-blue sea!

I take off my feet to feel the coarse and warm sand. To feel the lagoon!

The sun is shining brightly over me. Veleka is calm.

There is no one around - absolutely no one! I am alone - the lagoon and I.

The wind ... Great ... The waves ... Magic!

With a light step I am soon at the "Kiss". And this time it is different. It is always different!

The sea wet my feet and the water is crystal clear and slightly cool, but in May it is so.

I sit down next to The Kiss and the world freezes in blissful serenity, which only here can I feel in this way.

Sinemorets is freedom!

And let's wish you a fair wind!

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