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The bizzare cliffs of Sinemorets

Updated: Jun 11

Dear friends, the month of May is here and I invite you for a walk near Sinemorets!

We will admire the turquoise blue waters of the Black Sea, the strange rocks along the coast with alien orange lichens on them.

There is a legend that old and unusable ships came here to be smashed into the rocks.

Today the sea is wild. It crashes violently into the rocks and forms a delicate white foam.

It is incredibly beautiful all around. It is empty and there is no one.

The wind plays with the grass and whispers a story - about sea adventures, brave captains, fast ships and a moonwalk.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

following this link,

do not miss out

to feel and taste the full album with photo moments -

found out, experienced, photographed and shared with you!

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