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The ships of Sinemorets

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Sinemorets is so beautiful!

Beautiful and weird (even odd)!

Its fields are green in spring!

The cliffs along its shores are wonderful!

Today I will take you to the rocky ships of Sinemorets, tilted to one side, which for thousands of years have been inexorably ruffled by the wind and sea waves to take their wonderful form today, so that we can admire them.

How you can get to here?

If you are in Sinemorets (or nearby) and you have heard of the "Ships" and you want to see and photograph them, head to Butamya Street, turning left after its intersection with Ribarska street. After the end of the asphalt road, don't worry, but continue on a well-defined path that will take you in front of the "Ships". From there, along another trail leading along the coast, you can reach more places for observation and photos.

There is a legend that hundreds of years ago, pirates looted around. They lit fires on the rocks to attract merchant ships here. The ships crashed into the rocks and the pirates looted everything.

And let's wish you a fair wind!

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