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The golden hair from above

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, you are more than welcome to this unique, amazing, charming, spectacular, magnificent, phenomenal and so magical adventure called "Golden Hair from Above"!

Just before the iron bridge over the Veleka river, on the left side of the road, in case you are traveling in the direction towards the charming town of Sinemorets, there is a very small asphalt patch, which, if you blink, and you'll miss it, enough to park a single car on it, right by the narrow road.

How to get to that tine parking lot?

Next time you visiting Sinemorets, take some time and leave your car exact here, because now I will reveal a secret trail that will take you to a great and very beautiful adventure called "Golden Hair from Above".

I park in the indicated place and walk along the small and narrow trail, winding along Veleka river.

All the time I was walking in the shade of the forest.

Therefore, you should wear high shoes, because in some places it may be muddy, especially if it has recently rained.

I follow the trail for about twenty minutes.

Soon it takes me high above the beautiful lagoon on the inaccessible cliffs above the river to enjoy the charming beauty of Veleka's hair in a different and very unique way!

The view from here towards the town of Sinemorets, to the boundless and azure sea, to the golden hair, to the "Kiss", towards Veleka river, the lagoon and to the nearby cliffs is simply breathtaking!

The Little hard-worker

Sometimes, to capture another wonderful weirdness, you have to cross the edge of the cliff in the middle of the sea, and there you'll see this posing hard-worker waiting for you!

The marvelous view will leave you breathless!

Enjoy it!

And let's wish you a fair wind!

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