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Silistar beach

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

At no more than five kilometers south of the town of Sinemorets on the road to the village of Rezovo is the turnoff for the last fantastic beach before the border of our small but so beautiful homeland.

I advise you to take this detour!

It will take us to another very beautiful and even exotic adventure!

There is about a kilometer of not bad off-road, winding through a grove.

Leave your car in one of the wide meadows around - under the shade of trees and walk along the Silistar River to the place where it flows into the sea.

From there begins an incredibly beautiful golden stripe. They call it Silistar beach.

The beach is about a kilometer long and is covered with golden sand.

Silistar is one of the most beautiful bays on our Black Sea coast.

And the heavenly, golden beach has probably the softest and finest sand you have ever set under your foot!

There are no crowds here in May, in fact there is absolutely no one. But it is so natural and beautiful!

You can get lost here for hours, crossing the whole strip - from the incredibly picturesque cliffs to the south, called the "The Cliff Gate", to the place where the river Silistar flows into the sea.

The bay is deep, which in turn determines the calm, warm and very clean water.

For lovers of swimming, the shore is very pleasant and smoothly passes into the depths, and divers should be careful with underwater caves, because there is a possibility of vortices. The beach is one of the favorite surfing places on our Black Sea coast.

In 1992, Silistar was declared a protected area. It falls on the territory of Strandzha Nature Park.

Silistar is part of the Strandzha protected areas for the preserving of the wild birds and natural habitats. Rare and protected birds such as bald eagle, black stork, holly dove and others nest on the dunes and surrounding rocks.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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