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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, you'll find the town of Tsarevo at the foot of Strandzha mountain. It is located on three small peninsulas and at four bays, respectively, about 15 kilometers northeast of the town of Ahtopol and 65 kilometers southeast of the town of the area's capital - Bourgas.

The coastline is very indented, incredibly picturesque and extremely beautiful!

To the south of the town you will view the Papia peak - 502 meters high.

How you can get to Tsarevo?

Over the years, the city has been named as follows: Vasiliko (12th century), Vasiliko (1352), Vasiliko (until 1934), Tsarevo (until 1950) and Michurin (until 1991).

There are two legends about the origin of the name Vasilikò.

According to the first one, the name comes from the Bulgarian village of Bosilkovo, destroyed by the Turks, in the Aytos part of the Eastern Stara Planina, whose inhabitants were expelled about 250 years ago. Some of its inhabitants, fleeing from the Turks, moved to Vasiliko. Subsequently, they writhed after pressure from the Bishop of Ahtopol.

According to second one, the origin of the name Vasilikò is from Greek - "basileus" (βασιλιάς), which translated into Bulgarian means king (tsar). Probably the interpretation comes from the Turkish traveler Evliya Chelebi, who points out that the fortress of Vasilikoz, conquered by Musa Chelebi, was built by Prince Vasil - one of the grandsons of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine.

Tsarevo has a charming sea garden, which reveals a captivating view of the boundless sea.

Between the town and the old Greek quarter of Tsarevo named Vasiliko, a coastal pedestrian promenade has been built, along which you can take very romantic walks.

As I was taking pictures, I saw the moon standing, even landing on one of the pillars along the sidewalk. I shot it for you!

Going along the entire length of the romantic promenade you will find yourself in Vasiliko.

The walk around Vasiliko is a fabulous splendor!

In its center is a magical place for relaxation and rest and in the spring the magnetic charm of fragrant wisteria will captivate, enchanting you!

You can enjoy the sunrises along the enchantingly beautiful cliffs of Kastro cape.

Passing through St. Nicholas Square, you will see the old fig trees heavy with fruit, and the charming sea roses of Vasiliko will make you smile.

Along the alleys you will reach the St. George the Victorious chapel and the old and incredibly beautiful Holy Assumption church.

During your walk, the temple bells will make you bow your head in humility.

You will witness the phenomenal panoramas around the cape while relaxing on one of the benches. The sunsets here are exceptional!

And for the end of our joint walk around Tsarevo I present you the port, the unique sculpture-lighthouse and a dozing cat (lol).

In Tsarevo you'll find the first lighthouse-sculpture of its kind. The bronze figure of a Thracian goddess is over five meters high and weighs about 3 tons. The goddess is placed on a concrete pedestal, at a height of over 16 meters above sea level.

The lighthouse symbolizes the hospitality of the city and the safety of returning sailors.

Be quiet, so as not to wake the sleepy cat, which is sweetly, sweetly napping by the sea.

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