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Klisura is one of the most historically significant cities for Bulgaria.

The historical museum in Klisura
The historical museum, part of the Hundred National Tourist Sites of BTS under number 77

The city is primarily associated with the April Uprising of 1876, where it played a leading role.

The building of the Historical Museum in the city of Klisura
The building of the Historical Museum in the city of Klisura

The Klisura-born revolutionary Nikola Karadjov personally brought to the city the "bloody letter" of Todor Kableshkov, which announced the beginning of the April Uprising.

The gorge area of Zli dol is a kind of cultural monument that has preserved the memories of one of the most terrible battles of the April Uprising, which the city lost in an unequal battle against the cruel enslaver and was completely burned down. On April 26, a numerous bashibozuk gathered from the Strem Valley and Kazanlashko, led by the Karlovian feudal lord Tosun Bey, completely covered Klisura. The smaller Bulgarian defenders did not hold back the attacks of the Turks.

Over 200 of the villagers who did not manage to escape were brutally slaughtered. The victims are mostly women, children and the elderly. Klisurtsi retreated village by village, insurgents died in the skirmishes, and the rest together with the population retreated to Koprivshtitsa.

Volov appeared with a detachment of Koprivshten citizens. He rallied retreating gorge fighters and attacked the Turkish horde in the rear. But the heavy rain wets the insurgents' gunpowder and their guns cannot fire. Panayot Volov is forced to retreat in Koprivshtitsa.

Monument "Borimechka" in the city of Klisura
Monument "Borimechka" in the city of Klisura

Klisura is the settlement with the greatest material damage during the uprising. The complete destruction of the city is evidenced by the fact that when the troops of Gen. The Komarovskis are coming, there is only one completed house in Klisura - Chervenakov.

How do you get to Klisura?

The beautiful church "St. Bogoroditsa" rises in the center of the city and can be viewed by anyone who wishes.

Church "Holy Mother of God" in the city of Klisura
Church "Holy Mother of God" in the city of Klisura

The Borimechka monument is located at the beginning of the city.

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