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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The town of Bratsigovo is located at the foot of the Rhodope, in a valley that is ventilated to the west of the Peshtera Valley and from north of the Thracian lowlands.

How to get to here?

The city is beautiful!

The local climate is mild and severe frosts and high heat are rare.

People from Bratsigovo enjoy a beautiful spring and warm autumn.

Due to the mild climate in the past the main occupation for the population was the cultivation of an oil-bearing rose, which is not inferior in quality to the Kazanlak and Karlovo roses. Bratsigovo roses are uniquely beautiful!

In the area of Bratsigovo are parts of two natural protected areas - "Atoluka" and "Tamra".

The city is famous for the highest Orthodox bell tower on the Balkan Peninsula, which is located in the church of St. John the Baptist.

In the center of Bratsigovo you will find community center "Vasil Petleshkov - 1874".

The brave people of Bratsigovo have been taking an active part in the April Epic from 1876.

In memory of the heroes in 1976 in Bratsigovo was built a Apriltsi memorial park.

Walking around this beautiful Bulgarian city, you can visit the small Sindzhirli Bunar square. Right here, on April 21, 1876, Vasil Petleshkov read the "bloody letter" and announced the uprising with the words: "Rebellion! Rebellion! Panagyurishte, Koprivshtitsa, Klisura and the villages revolted!"

If you head south, entering the Rhodope, right next to the road, look for a beautiful shed with benches, barbecue and table. From here you get a captivating view of Bratsigovo and the surrounding area in every season.

Have a nice walk!

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