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Sindzhirli bunar Square in the town of Bratsigovo

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, this is the small Sindzhirli bunar square in the town of Bratsigovo.

How to get to here?

A well rises in the middle of the square. The square was formed and built around the well in the distant 1813.

Right here, on April 21, 1876, Vasil Petleshkov read the "bloody letter" and announced the uprising with the words: "Rebellion! Rebellion! Panagyurishte, Koprivshtitsa, Klisura and the villages revolted!"

A stone slab is placed in front of the well. Today the inscription on it is almost unreadable.

"Vasil Angelov Petleshkov announced the uprising on April 21, 1876.

Rebellion! Rebellion!

Uprising of blood to live Bulgaria!

Freedom or death

Panagyurishte April 20, 1876

Oborishte (unreadable) 1876”

Have a nice walk around!

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