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Bratsigovo's roses

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

My dear friends, this travel blog journey will again lead you to the heroic town of Bratsigovo, which, in addition to its heroic past, is also famous for its incredible rose plantations.

Bratsigovo's oil-bearing rose
Bratsigovo's oil-bearing rose

The location of Bratsigovo is extremely favorable - at the foot of the Rhodope mountain, in a place that is ventilated west of the Peshterska Valley and north of the Thracian lowlands.

In the region of Bratsigovo the climate is mild and severe frosts and high heat are not common. The people of Bratsigovo enjoy a beautiful and colorful spring and a warm and colorful autumn. Due to the mild climate in the past, the main livelihood of the population was the cultivation of oil-bearing rose, which is not inferior in quality to the Kazanlak and Karlovo roses.

Near Bratsigovo, on the road to the village of Ravnogor, is the village of Rozovo, which reveals an exceptional view of the rose groves of Bratsigovo.

Even today, this livelihood is on the rise and more and more people are turning to growing an oil-bearing rose.

Bratsigovo's oil-bearing rose

The fact is that the Bratsigovo oil-bearing rose is not only more oil-bearing than the one in Kazanlak and Karlovo, but it is also the most oil-bearing in the world.

The yield (dimensionless concept that shows what percentage or what part of all raw materials used are converted into the desired pure product) of Karlovo rose is 7, Kazanlak - 9, and Bratsigovo - 11.

Oil yield depends not only on the type of rose, but also on the climate. During the day the sun in Bratsigovo is very hot, and in the evening freshness comes down from the Rodopi. These factors are important for the growth of the rose and its oil yield.

Enjoy the magnificent roses areas of Bratsigovo! I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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