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Vacha dam

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

The autumn has come!

Colorful November is here to paint the leaves of the trees of the proud Rhodope Mountains in colorful autumn colors.

I travel along the curves of Vacha dam.

Hill after hill. Turn after turn.

Each ridge is variegated in a different color.

It's magical here!

The magic hovers around!

It's as if every birdhouse in the trees by the dam is the color of a leaf.

The sun's rays smile at everything. It's early.

It's cold.

Vacha dam is a miracle!

Rhodope is a miracle!

You stand here and contemplate this wonderful charm and humbly thank the Lord for these wonderful moments, detached from the ordinary and gray everyday life.

The birds are singing!

The wind is blowing!

The leaves gently play an ancient tune as they fall softly to the ground.

There is no one around.

The benches are free.

I sit and contemplate. Reflections.





Vacha dam!

I'll be back soon...

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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