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The waterfall near Parvenets

Updated: Mar 2

Now is the time to hunt for waterfalls, so I will present to you this so full of water and so beautiful waterfall, which is located after Parvenets on the road in the direction of Hrabrino.

The waterfall between Parvenets and Hrabrino
Parvenets falls

How to get here?

You have to leave Parvenets on the way to Hrabrino and immediately follow the turnoff to the right. There are separate parking spaces where you can leave your car.

On the bridge you cross the river Dermendere and continue on the shaped path right along the river. You pass the Mill.

The roar intensifies, which is a sign that you are approaching!

The waterfall is super easy to access and the trail is short and easy for people of all ages to walk!

Here he is - incredibly full of water! A little Niagara!

Beautiful, noisy and so majestic!

The wind picks up the spray and wets us!

I wish you an excellent mood!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

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