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Vidimsko praskalo

Updated: May 20, 2022

Saturday came and I went to Stara Planina.

The unadulterated and natural beauty of Apriltsi!

My starting point was the resort of Apriltsi, this beautiful jewel is located on the northern slopes of the Central Balkan Mountains, just below Botev peak.

I will try to describe Apriltsi in a few words - silence, incredible tranquility, greenery, unadulterated and wonderfully beautiful! I was just fascinated!

Vidima HPP

Entering Apriltsi, I searched the navigation for Vidima HPP, from which our Saturday adventure along the Vidima and Praskalska rivers begins.

How to get to Vidima HPP?

You can't go wrong with the beginning of the Vidimsko Praskalo eco-trail, because you will notice a number of information boards.

There are wide parking spaces where you can leave your car in the shade.

The Vidimsko Praskalo eco-trail is about 6 km long. The whole route is incredibly picturesque and reveals the charming and magnetic beauty of the Central Balkan National Park. You will see huge biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and natural landmarks. It moves all the time in the shadows of a dense beech forest, which makes it especially attractive during the long hot summer days. Also, the trail itself follows the Sprinkler River, which in turn brings coolness and a fresh breeze from the mountain. The air here is clean and cool.

The road to the end point is easy and very pleasant. It is suitable for people of all ages, mountain lovers.

Almost the entire trail is wide and well marked. There is no place and no way to go wrong. The road is paved with large stones, so equip yourself with suitable comfortable hiking boots.

Along the river Praskalska you will see quite beautiful waterfalls. The river is sculpted in the rocks, through which flows incredibly beautiful and bizarre shapes.

Along the path to the cherished goal you will be well aware of the biodiversity in the area from a large number of information boards.

There are also several fountains with ice-cold and crystal clear water for thirsty throats.

After about two hours of moderate walking, including breaks, you will find yourself near a large gazebo and several benches and tables for relaxation, where you can eat. Nearby there is a fountain with beautiful, icy and clear water.

After the pavilion the road turns into a path, it becomes narrower and a little steeper, but this should not bother you at all!

You will also cross a number of wooden bridges built over the Praskalska River, which are in excellent condition.

The first bridge will take you to a wooden platform built over a wonderfully beautiful waterfall, from where you will have the opportunity to enjoy up close this charming creation.

The bridge also offers an incredible view of the North Jendem. There is a fountain and a bench nearby for relaxation.

You pass Praskalska Street (winking) and continue

A second wooden bridge follows, after which the path becomes slightly steep and narrow.

You will cross three more wooden bridges in succession.

The fifth and last bridge will take you to the cherished goal - a well-designed panoramic playground with benches by the river, which offers a wonderful view of the Vidimsko praskalo and North Jendem.

Vidmisko praskalo is a waterfall flowing down the slopes of the North Jendem Reserve in the Central Balkan Park in the Balkan Mountains. The height of its fall is over 80 meters, which ranks it fourth in height in Bulgaria after Vratsa Skaklya (141 meters), Raisko praskalo (125 meters) and Bovska Skaklya (85 meters). The waterfall is a formation of three separate streams that converge into one. They spring from the top of Yurushka Gramada. The water flows in such a form that the foot has become a natural pool suitable for rest and relaxation.

The waterfall is wonderfully beautiful!

It is very nice around and, although it was Saturday, there was almost no one during the whole stay and rest on the spot.

Have a good rest here, because the reverse transition follows.

The way back is even more pleasant and easy.

Soon you will be in a starting position without shortness of breath.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

following this link,

do not miss out

to feel and taste the full album with photo moments -

found out, experienced, photographed and shared with you!

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