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Sitovo falls

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

At the end of April, it's definitely time to go waterfall hunting!

Sitovo falls, Rhodopes
Sitovo falls

I offer you a walk to a relatively easily accessible and very beautiful waterfall.

My dear friends of "Photo Moments", it is with great pleasure that I present to you the famous Sitovo falls.

Sitovo falls, Rhodopes

Now let's warm up with a short video that brings together the best of Sitovo falls.


Sitovo falls was built on Parvenetska river. I use the word built because, as you can see, this is an artificial waterfall with artificially constructed falls.

Of course that doesn't make it any less beautiful – oh no!

It's charming and kind of magnetic, definitely! And now - especially at the end of April and after the heavy rains, this waterfall, like most of its brothers and cousins, is incredibly noisy, abundantly full of water and magnetically enchanting!

Sitovo falls, Rhodopes

As you will see for yourself from captured phenomenally beautiful photo moments and an excellent video, Sitovo falls has as many as three water falls! Wow!

The third pad is more distant and definitely more difficult to reach than the other two, which is why I don't show them together in one shot, but separately.

Sitovo falls, Rhodopes

I took this photo moment from the third pad, without him entering the frame.

Sitovo falls, Rhodopes

Here's the third drop - it sure is impressive, isn't it!

And now it's the turn of the full video that I have prepared for you. Unlike the previous one which was 2 minutes long, the full video is 8 minutes long.

8 minutes of water splashes, falling water noise and lots of wet splashes!

Here, enjoy!

And be careful not to get wet!

I cannot but mention the distinctive feature of Sitovo falls. You guessed it yourself, didn't you?

This is the beautiful arch of the stone bridge behind the waterfall, built over the Parvenetska River.

Any photo moment featuring this beautiful arch in the background makes the shot remarkable and magical.

How to get to Sitovo falls?

Sitovo falls is located by the road itself, about 3.3 kilometers (about 8 minutes by car) before the village of Sitovo.

It stops just before you cross the river on the bridge or just after the bridge. A matter of place or desire.

The trail leading to Sitovo falls, Rhodopes
The trail leading to Sitovo falls

A steep but very short trail, if it can even be called a trail, descends to the waterfall. Just be careful.

Here is another pleasant surprise from me for you - a second very beautiful waterfall!

Waterfall by the road to the village of Sitovo, Rhodopes
Waterfall by the road to the village of Sitovo

On the way you can see another charming waterfall - here it is.

I prepared this video for you to enjoy in all its wet glory and splendor.

How do you get to the village of Sitovo?

The village of Sitovo is located in southern Bulgaria, in the district of Plovdiv, municipality of Rodopi. It is located in a mountainous area.

The village is located 19 kilometers (about 30 minutes) from the village of Hrabrino.

The road leading to Sitovo is new and very good, but narrow - with many turns, because it follows and winds along the Parvenetska river.

Sitovo stands on:

  • 174 kilometers (about 2 hours and 17 minutes by car) from the capital

  • 33 kilometers (about 50 minutes by car) from the city of Plovdiv

  • 404 kilometers (about 4 hours and 58 minutes by car) from the city of Varna

  • 289 kilometers (about 3 hours and 11 minutes by car) from the city of Burgas

This village is one of the most beautiful Rhodope villages. It is unique in its nature. Near the village there is a spring with cold and healing water.

The fork for the village of Sitovo and Lilkovo, Rhodopes
The fork for the village of Sitovo and Lilkovo, Rhodopes

The history of this village dates back to more than two millennia ago. At the time of the Odris kingdom, Thracians from the Besi tribe (one of the most warlike Thracian tribes) settled in this place, who used the hard-to-reach rock formations in the Shtut area for fortresses (Studa town is located about a kilometer north in the direction of Plovdiv). Even before Plovdiv was created, a sedentary life was led in this place. This is evidenced by the so-called Sitovsky inscription.

Rhodope mountain near the village of Sitovo

During the Middle Ages (after the formation of the Bulgarian state in the 7th - 14th centuries), the village fell both within the borders of Bulgaria and often within the borders of Byzantium.

During the Ottoman rule, Sitovo experienced not one or two difficult moments. It is believed that the village, although difficult to access, was conquered around 1392 - 1394. Perhaps the most difficult and crushing period of foreign rule were the attempts to Turkify the village. As in other Rhodope villages, here too the Mohammedanization took place in the period 1666-1667. Those who refused to change their faith were slaughtered, and those who managed to hide in Bash Mandra, Barchinata, Beh Tepe, White Stone , the Koria and in general in the forest, preserve the Christian image of the village to this day. The Bulgarian-Mohammedans of Sitov were evicted in 1882 because of the murder of the Armaz priest during the April epic. The elders in the village still remember the stories their parents heard about this priest – he was more heroic than the Turkish bülyukbashi in Sitovo, Mehmed Pasha, had a pishtov and rode a nice mare. As he raced through the Sith areas, he fired with a pishtova. When he was asked what these thunders were, he replied that it was the chattering of his mare's petals. During the April Uprising, he was the first to be killed in the village, the Pomaks cut him into pieces and at night the Christians gathered him in a rug and buried him.

I wish you a wonderful spring walk!

As a finale, my dear friends,

do not miss out to feel the full album with photo moments -

found out, experienced, photographed and shared with you!

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