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Kostenets falls

Updated: May 20, 2022

"Silver, huge pillar, with a roaring rage,

he rushes into a boiling foamy pool

and the muffled song

shook the air like a storm.

The rocks echoing, the mountain,

the roar reaches the heavens,

and dew dust from the depths,

bubbling up to me it rises.

I stand and watch with secret trepidation

and I listen to his hellish song,

and the whole world is enchanted

out of rage, power and rage. "

"Over the waterfall"

Ivan Vazov

Kostenski (Kostenetski) waterfall is a very lush, full of water and incredibly beautiful waterfall, located in the Rila Mountains, along the Stara Reka River.

The waterfall is 12 meters high. In the immediate vicinity of the waterfall there are hot mineral springs.

In 1974 the waterfall was declared a natural landmark.

How to get to here?

The starting point is the town of Kostenets. You leave the town on Belmeken Street and head to the village of Kostenets. The distance from the town to the village is about ten kilometers and takes about fifteen minutes.

Entering the village, continue straight on, starting from Osvobozhdenie Street and continuing along Hristo Botev Street. It will take you to the end of the village, where there is a large parking lot, a park, restaurants and a unique fountain.

The place offers a large enough number of parking spaces and you can leave your vehicle here.

The unique fountain with the goat

The "Goat Fountain" has four spouts, and the water flowing from them is from three different mineral springs, respectively from each spout flows water with different temperatures.

In 1917 Ivan Vazov spent the summer in Kostenets and was inspired by the surrounding nature to write his collection of poems "July Wrist", together with his later cycle of poems "Dissonance" published again in 1921 under the title "What the Mountain Sings".

Two of the poems are dedicated to Kostenets Waterfall: "Above the Waterfall" and "The Waterfall Cries".

The park

From here begins a small park with benches for relaxation, small alleys and a bridge. You can enjoy the lush of Stara reka River and several of its larger falls.

The roar intensifies, turning into a thunder!

Due to the high water of Stara Reka river, I managed to catch the waterfall in one of its most powerful periods, which I am very happy about.

I got quite wet while taking pictures nearby!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

following this link,

do not miss out

to feel and taste the full album with photo moments -

found out, experienced, photographed and shared with you!


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