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The village of Chavdar

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The uniquely beautiful and tidy village of Chavdar is located in Western Bulgaria and is the only settlement in the Municipality of Chavdar, Sofia District.

Chavdar Municipality is located in the Zlatitsa-Pirdop valley, at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, about 70 kilometers from the capital. It is next to the towns of Zlatitsa and Pirdop.

The uniquely beautiful, inspiring and carrying such impulse and charge composition, located in the center of Chavdar is called "Birds". The Author is the talented artist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Momchil Mirchev, lecturer at the National Academy of Arts, Department of Ceramics, sculpture, Ph.D. and fine arts.

You will find his works in the city of Varna - the sculptural compositions "Diana - the goddess of hunting" and "Bathing", located in the Sea Garden, in the fortress Tsari Mali grad, Belchinski Bani, in Primorsko and Ahtopol, as well as others places in Bulgaria and abroad.

The center of Chavdar is a place for family walks and relaxation.

The color corners are a real delight for the eyes, and the colors overflow and sparkle!

Near the village are uniquely beautiful and easily accessible waterfalls Kazanite - a natural phenomenon of five charming and beautiful waterfalls on the river Bererey, descending from a height of 15 meters, forming a cascade of clear ice water.

They are located between three huge rocks, and the waterfalls have formed ponds (Eurasian boilers), resembling cauldrons, whence the name. A bridge was built over the cascade to observe the waterfalls and the canyon that the river has formed there. The cascade can be observed in part from several different points due to the high rocks and rugged terrain in which it is located.

The cauldrons were declared a natural landmark in 1970.

In Chavdar is held an annual festival on St. Petka hill, which is located above the village. The place is named after the patroness of the village Saint Petka.

The place is not accidental, because the view from it is exceptional. From there you can see the entire Zlatitsa-Pirdop valley, even the river Topolnitsa.

The peak is located at 650 meters above sea level.

At this place 120 years ago was placed the stone with which St. Petka was honored. On February 6, 2008 the construction of a chapel in the area began.

In such a short time, the people of Chavdar managed to build a place for recreation, a gazebo and a stage.

When one visits this place, one can drink a sip of cold tap water and make hot food on the barbecue.

The consecration of the chapel took place on the village holiday on May 2, 2008.

The road to the area has been completely renewed. An eco-trail has been created through the forest.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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