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St. Petka chapel above the village of Chavdar

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Located along the panoramic sub-Balkan road and surrounded by incredibly beautiful landscapes, between Sredna Stara Planina from the North and Sashtinska Sredna Gora from the South, you will find the charming village of Chavdar, occupying the most picturesque part of the Zlatitsa-Pirdop valley.

Above it, in honor of the patroness of the village - St. Petka, a chapel was built.

How do you get to here?

If you are traveling from Sofia on the sub-Balkan road, after about 70 km, follow the turnoff to the right. There are enough signs so you don't forget to stop.

Also, if you travel in the direction of Sofia, the turnoff is located just after Chelopech.

Entering the village, one after another you will be greeted by a number of signs that you just follow. The road will take you to a wide parking lot where you can leave your car.

From there, a small cobbled path will take you to the chapel.

The chapel itself is located on a hill above the village and from there reveals a wonderful view around.

The walk is extremely pleasant, and autumn makes it even more charming.

It's autumn season!

All around is just delightful!

The Balkan have been transformed into golden, yellow-red colors. The fields are covered with autumn flowers. The branches of the trees are heavy with fruit. The sky is bright blue and only here and there small white fluffy clouds have appeared.

It is fresh and pleasant at the end of September. And everything around is so colorful!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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