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Kazanite falls

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Kazanite area or Kazanite falls, or, I would call it, Kazanite falls eco-trail, this is another fascinating adventure for all of you.

How to get here?

The starting point is the village of Chavdar. Just follow the signs "Kazanite", which will take you out of the village on a wonderful new road until you cross the river Topolnitsa.

The distance between the village and the bridge over Topolnitsa is about 3.5 kilometers.

After the bridge, the asphalt road ends and an easy and not bad bike path begins. You continue with your car on it and soon you will find yourself at the foot of a dense forest, casting a thick shadow. Leave your car there, because the adventure begins now!

Continue on a steep wide path through the forest.

Autumn is here with its magic and everything is somehow different - colorful, colorful, colorful and weird!

The first part is slightly breathtaking, but you know, the most beautiful view is revealed after the hardest climb. A phenomenal view will soon be revealed to you - the wonderfully beautiful southern slopes of Sredna Stara Planina, Podbalkana, nestled Chavdar and Chelopech, as well as the nearby slopes of Sashtinska Sredna Gora.

Here you can easily catch your breath, enjoying this great beauty of Bulgaria!

Autumn has layered each leaf in a different color.

Fiery red.


Yellow and green.

The blue sky.

White fluffy clouds touching the white slopes of the opposite hills.

Bales of hay.


And the song of the birds, to which the wind cries!


But there's a road ahead, let's go!

Here the forest casts a thick shadow on the road and our walk is easy and pleasant.

The road constantly changes its slope, alternating ascents and descents.

I can't say that it is difficult, but rather it is light and pleasant.

The total length between the kind of parking lot under the thick shade, where we left the cars and the end point is about 2.7 kilometers.

You will soon arrive at the beginning of an extremely steep path on the left, leading directly to the waterfall, but I emphasize that this shortcut is quite steep. It is preferable to continue on the wide bike path for a while.

You will find yourself in a well-organized shelter with benches and tables where you can relax and eat. There is also a barbecue for those who want to train their culinary skills, as well as a fountain.

The flags of Bulgaria and the municipality of Chavdar greet us, waving in the playful wind.

Rested, full and in a good mood, you can go to the final part of today's adventure.

You enter the forest on a small path. You will successively cross two wooden bridges leading over an almost dry river.

Continue along the path and reach a large table with benches and a fountain, located above the Kazanite waterfall.

Strange bizarre rocks

As you will notice, this is a rather strange place!

It probably took the water hundreds of thousands of years to cut and strangely shape these rocks. You can carefully try to look from the top of the waterfall, because this is possible now that the river is almost gone. It would certainly not be possible when the river is full of water, but now there is no problem.

Carefully step to the end of the rock and look ahead. You will see four unique ponds, sequentially arranged and shaped like steps or terraces. In fact, Kazanite Waterfall is a cascade of several successive waterfalls that pour their water from pond to pond, similar to cauldrons, hence the name.

The fifth and last pond is not visible from here. In fact, the road to it is extremely extreme, but everything is in order.

To the left of the river there is a road leading to a solid bridge built over the waterfall. This bridge can also be reached on the right. We crossed what was left of the river and passed to the left. From the bridge you can also see the terraces and ponds. I guess when the river is full of water, that's probably the only way.

After the bridge there is a narrow and in some places quite steep path that leads down to the fifth pond and under the waterfall.

Here you should be very careful and well equipped with strong shoes, because any slippage can have unpleasant consequences.

Yes, the trail is steep, but it is short and you will soon be down by the fifth pond and under the waterfall.

After admiring the strange and strange rocks and from this angle, follow the way back on the extreme path up, the solid bridge, the wooden bridges and the shelter.

The road to the cars was definitely even more pleasant and easy, because for the most part it was going downhill.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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