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Shiroka polyana dam

Updated: Feb 23

Shiroka Polyana dam is said to be one of the most beautiful in the Rhodopes.

Shiroka polyana dam

I personally will liken it to being one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria!

Its unique shape combined with its location in the heart of the Rhodopes, ancient, charming, overhanging pines, the reflection of clouds, freshness, crystal clear air, all this makes every visitor, avid fisherman or just a romantic stranger here to return again and again.

How to get here?

One of the ways is to take the road Pazardzhik - Batak - Dospat.

Shiroka Polyana dam is located along the road on the left in the direction to Dospat.

You can leave your car by the roadside - there is enough space for that. And then comes the walk - the most enjoyable part.

Shiroka polyana dam

Shiroka Polyana dam is located at 1500 meters above sea level in the heart of the Rhodopes, so along its waters, even in the hottest July heat, it is quite cool and pleasant, and at night and early in the morning even cold. In short - the freshness is guaranteed!

It is surrounded by three protected areas - "Shiroka Polyana" from the north-northwest, "Studena Chuchurka" from the south-southwest, "Kaval Tepe" from the east-northeast.

It was built in the period from 1960 to 1963.

The legend of the spirit of the King

Tsar Boris III was also very impressed by the wonderful beauty of the area and just loved to come and rest here. That is why he built one of his hunting lodges in the area of ​​Kaval Tepe. And although in the process of designing the dam, hydraulic engineers calculated that the water would engulf the existing royal hunting lodge, it was not demolished.

Today it is still standing, only its roof is dilapidated.

There are strange legends about this place.

Fishermen darkened around the hut tell of frightening lights and unnatural laughter-like sounds, as it like the king's spirit was still wandering around and refusing to leave this ghostly building on the north bank of the dam.

The forests that surround Shiroka Polyana dam are centuries old!

There are trails leading to various extremely picturesque places, just take the right one for you.

The great adventure is guaranteed!

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