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Red rock

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

My dear friends, put on your hiking shoes, grab your backpack and let's go on an adventure!

Today we will walk to the trail to the Red cliff near the village of Ravnogor and we will see the wonderful view from there to the majestic Rhodope mountain and Vacha dam.

The Red rock, Rhodopes
The view from the Red rock to the Rhodope ocean

How to get to the village of Ravnogor?

The starting point is the picturesque village of Ravnogor, hidden in the heart of the Rhodopes.

The village of Ravnogor
The village of Ravnogor

Passing through Ravnogor, you can follow a sufficient number of signs that will take you on different routes to the southern end of the village, where you can leave your car and go on this great adventure.

Actually by car you can get to St. Prophet Elijah chapel, but it is better to take a walk, still it is both healthy and enjoyable. The distance from the end of the village to St. Prophet Elijah chapel is about a kilometer.

It is important to know that there is no shade next to the temple, so if you decide to take this road on a sunny, hot summer day, it will not be a very good idea.

From St. Prophet Elijah chapel leads two trails in two opposite directions. The left one, the one to the left of the chapel, leads to Bekovi cliffs, today we will take the right one, opposite in the direction of the trail to Bekovi cliffs.

From St. Prophet Elijah chapel we turn right. The trail is downhill and in about thirty minutes you will be at the cliffs. The trail is well marked and you really can't go wrong.

The sign to the Red rock
The sign

The Red cliff is a group of vertical, protruding cliffs overhanging the centuries-old forests, which offer a phenomenally beautiful panorama of the Rhodope ocean, spreading all around you.

In the distance is Vacha dam.

There is a great shed with benches where you can relax. In several iconic places there are benches where you can admire the stunning view.

It's magnificent!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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