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Bekovi cliffs

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

My dear friends, we are going on another adventure in the Rhodope mountain!

In this travel blog journey we will enjoy the trail to Bekovi cliffs, you will climb the "lion's rock" with me, as I named it, and we will be enchanted by the Rhodope ocean, as well as the phenomenal view towards Vacha dam.

Bekovi cliffs, Rhodopes
The lion's rock and the view towards Vacha Dam

How to get to the village of Ravnogor?

The starting point is the picturesque village of Ravnogor, hidden in the heart of the Rhodope mountain.

The village of Ravnogor, Rhodopes
The village of Ravnogor

Passing through Ravnogor, you can follow a sufficient number of signs that will take you on different route to the southern end of the village, where you can leave your car and go on this great adventure.

Actually by off-road vehicle you can get to the St. Prophet Elijah chapel, but it is better to take a walk, still it is both healthy and enjoyable. The distance from the end of the village to the St. Prophet Elijah chapel is about a kilometer.

It is important to know that there is no shade all the way to Bekovi cliffs, so if you decide to take this trail on a sunny, hot summer day, it will not be a very good idea.

The sign to Bekovi cliffs
The sign

From St. Prophet Elijah chapel leads two trails in two opposite directions. One, the one to the right of the chapel, leads to the Red cliff, today we will take the left (and significantly longer), opposite in the direction of the path to the Red cliff.

From St. Prophet Elijah chapel we turn left trail.

The trail is wide, accompanied all the time with magnificent views. Excellently marked and labeled - don't worry about making a mistake.

The trail to the Bekovi cliffs
The trail to the Bekovi cliffs

he distance from St. Prophet Elijah chapel to the end point (Bekovi cliffs) is about two kilometers. The trail is easy and very pleasant in spring or autumn. In summer, the sun is a little bit more because, as I mentioned, there is no shade allong the trail at all.

In about an hour, an hour and a half to maximum two hours, depending on the stop for resting, photos and age, you will arrive at the place.

The village of Ravnogor is located at about 1330 meters above the sea level. The walk to Bekovi cliffs will raise you to about 1460 meters above the sea level.

To the left of the cliffs there is an improvised open-air restaurant, where you can eat barbecue and drink beer, especially on weekends and holidays.

But let's go to the cliffs, that's why we're here, right :)

In short, the view from here is simply magnificent! It just takes your breath away!

There is a shed with benches in case you are a little tired or just want to eat or want to sit.

You can choose the small path on the right, which leads to the "lion's rock", where you can carefully lean over the Rhodope ocean or take some photo moments.

Panorama of Vacha dam from Bekovi cliffs
Panorama of Vacha dam from Bekovi cliffs

To the right and up to the shed you will come out on the famous panoramic site with a bench, from where you can admire the beautiful Rhodope.

My photo moments I made especially for you from this amazing place are one click away ;)

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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