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Popina laka falls

My dear friends, I present to you a charming, pleasant, really beautiful and quite full waterfall, which is very easy to reach.

Popina laka falls

This is the waterfall of the Sandanska Bistritsa River, located in the area of Popina Laka, also known as Popinolashki Waterfall - one of the five major waterfalls in the Pirin Mountains.

How to get here?

Starting point is the town of Sandanski.

The distance to the cherished goal is about 18 kilometers.

You take the ring road, as a landmark will be the river Sandanska Bistritsa. You pass the St. Vrach park and you leave Sandanski.

The road to Popina laka

The road, although narrow, is very good, and all the time it is extremely nice, green and cool.

The road to Popina laka

The road largely follows the river itself and soon you are at the foot of Pirin.

Sandanska Bistritsa flows from the southeastern corner of Tevnoto Lake (2,512 meters above sea level), located in the Belemeto Circus in the Northern Pirin. It draws its strength from the melting snow of the mountain (snow-rain feeding with late spring high tide), bringing great coolness along its valley in the otherwise quite hot, hot and sunny region.

The Pirin region is without a doubt magnetic and majestic!

You will imperceptibly reach the area of Popina Laka. Due to the difference in altitude and given the river itself, bringing the coolness of the mountain, prepare an outer garment, because "upstairs" is cool.

Popina laka falls

You will find it next to the main road. Follow the sign on the left side of the road in the direction of Popina Laka.

Popinolashki waterfall is very beautiful!

Popina laka falls

Located in altitude 1230 meters above sea level.

Its height is 15 meters. It is characterized by high water all year round.

On October 11, 1965 it was declared a natural landmark "Waterfall on the river Sandanska Bistritsa".

The waterfall is easily accessible to people of all ages!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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