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Sofradzhik panoramic site

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

My dear friends, there, nestled along the northwestern, extremely picturesque slopes of beautiful Rila mountain, is the charming village of Bistritsa.

Sofradzhik area panoramic site
The panorama revealed from the site is pure awesomeness!

The good and honest citizens of Bistritsa are very proud of their beautiful village, and there is a reason, and recently they have another reason to be proud - a newly built (in 2021) panoramic site, which offers an insanely beautiful, phenomenal view of the area to Dupnitsa and to five mountains - these are Rila, Verila, Konyavska mountain, Osogovo mountain and Vitosha.

How to get here to the village of Bistritsa?

The charming village of Bistritsa is located just after the town of Dupnitsa and just after the beautiful Rila park, at the end of the town.

Entering the village, you drive straight until you reach a wide newly built parking lot, where you leave your car, because from there begins our spectacular new journey.

At the end of the village there are several different trails, one of which is marked with a yellow sign indicating the direction to the Bistritsa waterfall, which I take.

The trail is branching off soon! One (the wider trail) is not so steep and will take you a little around to the cherished goal. The other one, which I took, is a bit steeper, but it will take you to the panoramic platform faster.

So whichever way you choose, you won't go wrong!

I'm already in Rila and its beauty just surrounds me everywhere!

The trail is mostly hidden in the shadows of centuries-old trees and it's so great to walk on it.

This is definitely one of the most wonderful and enjoyable trails!

The climb to the newly built panoramic site takes about 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the number of breaks you take and their duration.

I am under the site in no time.

It is indescribable!

Phenomenally beautiful and freshly cool!

The trail takes me to some of the most beautiful cliffs I have ever seen, which offers a beautiful and just sensational view around.

Somewhere in the distance is the Bistritsa waterfall.

From there I go up to the site ... and here I just leave you with the amazing photo moments & the video.

The words are completely unnecessary here!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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