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Miromir route

Updated: Aug 30

Dear guests of Hisarya,

I'm Stefan from Photo moments and it's a great honor for me to be your guide today!

Miromir route

Type of route – need for transport and walking.

Distance from Augusta Spa Hotel – about 10 kilometers.

Total length (with transport) – about 22 kilometers (total round trip).

Total length of the pedestrian section – about a kilometer (total).

Duration – between two and three hours, depending on the pace you walk and also the number and length of breaks you take.

Appropriate equipment – comfortable sports shoes, as well as comfortable clothing and outerwear according to the season.

Recommended for people of all ages!

NB! Own transport or taxi hire required!

Set the navigation or share with the taxi driver the following address:

Today we start our journey from the majestic Catholic Church "Saints Peter and Paul", which is located in the district "Miromir" in the city of Hisarya.

Saints Peter and Paul Church in the Miromir district in the city of Hisarya

Now it's time to head to the Voden Kamak area, where Ivan Vazov himself, the patriarch of Bulgarian literature, loved to walk through the magnificent Bulgarian nature.

First we will pass by the rock on which we find a plaque with the writer's face.

Vazov's trail above the "Miromir" district in the city of Hisarya

From there we continue along the narrow path leading us to the altar rock.

The altar rock above the "Miromir" district above the city of Hisarya

After looking at the altar rock and understanding its interesting history, it's time to marvel at the exceptional and impressive views opening from the elevation to the Thracian plain.

Filled with beauty and charm, we return to our starting position and with the help of transport we move to the Miromir district.

Entering the city, we continue straight until these lively and cheerful swallows appear on the left side of the road.

Drawings of swallows in the "Miromir" district of the city of Hisarya

Time for photos and smiles!

After these warm emotions, we set off again, continuing straight until we leave the city.

The black road takes us to the waters of the Siniata reka dam. Here we will take a great and refreshing walk, enjoying the silence and charm of the mountain slopes opposite.

Reflections in the waters of the Siniata reka dam near the Miromir district of the city of Hisarya

Soothed, recharged, enthralled, enraptured and thoroughly rested it's time to get into the cars and head back into town the way we came here.

Here is one more final pleasant surprise to end today's smiling day.

I suggest that we stop on the left side of the road just before we cross the ruins of the main southern gate "The Camels", where together we will look at the ruins of Basilica Number 3.

Satisfied with this inquisitive, charming and definitely tiring but healthy walk, it is time to get back in our cars, to drive to the Augusta SPA Hotel Hisarya, where we can enjoy a well-deserved and relaxing rest!

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