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Miromir district in Hisarya

Updated: Feb 6

Today Miromir (old name Davadzhovo) is one of the districts of the beautiful town of Hisarya and like everything in our beloved city, it is incredibly wonderful.

Miromir district in Hisarya

The origin of the old name of Miromir is quite curious, at the time when it was just a village located south of the remains of Diocletianopol.

Miromir district in Hisarya

There is a theory according to which the name Davadzhovo is explained by the constant quarrels (from Turkish word "davii") of the inhabitants of the settlement with the neighboring settlements in the period after its founding, which took place around 1608.

Miromir district in Hisarya

Another interesting fact is that this is the first Catholic village in southern Bulgaria.

Miromir district in Hisarya

The village of Davadjovo was renamed Miromir on August 14, 1934.

Miromir district in Hisarya

It was annexed to the town of Hisarya on May 8, 1971.

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