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The altar rock above Hisarya

We Bulgarians, in order to see the world and its wonders, do not need to go so far, because our Bulgaria is an unknown and wonderful world!

Ivan Vazov

My dear friends, today we will walk to the outskirts of "Miromir", to the Voden Kamak area, we will visit the places where Vazov also liked to walk, and we will see the altar rock, which was used as a temporary altar for prayers during the plague epidemic of 1812 year.

The altar rock in Voden Kamak area above Hisarya

How do you get to the Voden kamak area?

The starting point is the "Miromir" neighborhood in Hisarya.

Entering the neighborhood on "Tsar Asen" street, continue straight until the junction with "Zahari Stoyanov" street. You turn left on "Zahari Stoyanov" and on "Otdih" street you leave Hisarya.

Voden kamak area above Hisarya

The road to the "Voden Kamak" villa area is narrow, but very good and short. Already in the villa area, continue straight in the direction of the "Voden Kamak" hut, until you find yourself in front of these information signs, where you can safely leave your car.

Voden kamak area above Hisarya

As you can see from the signs, it is very close to the Vase Trail and the Altar Rock from here.

The vase path in the Voden Kamak area above Hisarya

Vazov loved his visits to Hisarya, and each time he did not miss a walk around the wonderful surroundings.

The Balkans from Voden Kamak area above Hisarya

The views from the nearby cliffs to the snow fangs of the old Balkan are stunning!

On the path to the altar rock in the Voden kamak area above Hisarya

In 1812, a temporary settlement was formed on the meadow you are on by the inhabitants of the village of Dudene, who were fleeing the plague epidemic and the Kardzhalian raids.

The altar rock in Voden Kamak area above Hisarya

The rock with the inscription served as an altar for worship services.

On the rock is the following inscription:

He does not work every Sunday and on all known holidays, go to church and pray to God to deliver us from this curse. Protect us, Jesus Christ, King of Heaven. Pray for us!

The altar rock in Voden Kamak area above Hisarya

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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