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Irakli beach

Updated: Jun 11

Do you want to visit Irakli beach?

Get in your good mood and let's go then!

I read on the net that Irakli beach is considered one of our most beautiful beaches with its wonderful natural resources. And yes, that's right, it's really beautiful.

How to get to here!

In one word - easy!

If we take Nessebar as a starting point, continue on the main road through the Obzor Pass and cross the Balkan.

You are already in Northern Bulgaria.

After the village of Banya, about 4.5 km turn right. There are signs and you just can't go wrong.

In case you are traveling from the North, you pass Obzor and after about ten kilometers follow the sign to the left.

You will take an almost black, narrow road with quite large holes in places, so drive carefully.

At the end of this section there is a newly built road with a large sign "Vaya Beach".

If you continue straight on the road, it will take you to a rather large parking lot, where you can safely leave your car. From there to the beach is minutes.

On the signboard "Vaya Beach" you can turn right, and you will continue on a dirt road to another kind of parking lot (in the woods), from where you can go directly to "Irakli". As far as I know, the same road leads to Cape Emine, but due to its poor condition it is strongly recommended to use an off-road vehicle.

Vaya beach

Vaya Beach is part of Irakli Beach, ie it is the protected area of the entire Irakli Beach.

"Vaya" is about 500 meters long and starts from the "trademark" of Irakli (and its symbol) - the picturesque and beautiful cape surrounding "Irakli" from the North.

To the south, the Vaya ends at the mouth of the Vaya River, after which it bears its name.

The protected strip "Vaya" is really wide, with fine and very soft sand, sunbeds, lifeguards, a restaurant and long, wooden paths convenient for fast movement. There is also a small grocery store.

Passing the mouth of the river Vaya, you are already on the unguarded beach Irakli, which is a protected area.

Irakli beach

In 1994, the beach, along with the forests behind it south of the Vaya River, was declared a protected area. Its length is about 2.8 kilometers.

It is surrounded by dense forest (slopes of Stara Planina), which attracts fans of direct contact with nature. Here, fans of wild camping pitch their tents on the sand or near the forest.

I continue along the strip and gradually the number of tents decreases.

The sky is full of paragliders using natural air currents over the mountain and along the promontory.

It is beautiful to watch the soaring paragliders as you step on the still hot fine and soft sand, and the sea roars loudly and splashes waves at your feet.

Definitely the walk is more than pleasant!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

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