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Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas – health, spa & sea breeze

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The height of summer is the beginning of August.

The hot sun has frozen high in the sky.

The days are long and hot, and the nights are clear and warm.

White clouds are rare. The sky is bright and blue, as if it was cleaned by the cleaning services only five minutes ago.

And the wind...

The wind gently and playfully whispers catchy and irresistible melodies about golden beaches, about sea waves, about fine sand, about the cries of seagulls, about the roar of the sea, about the blue shoreless azure, about the broken seashells, about the empty rapans, about the soft transparent jellyfish.. .

...for break...

...for relaxation...

...for relaxation...

...and something else.

Ehee – heee – eeeee!

And it smells like the sea!

So it is sung in an old refrain, and with music in my heart I have to say Goodbye to Pirin, to the Rila and to the Rhodopes and set off for the sea.

But since saying goodbye is hard for me, and to be honest, I don't like it at all, that's why I decide to go to where the mountain meets the sea.

View from Nessebar to Saint Vlas and Stara planina
View from Nessebar to Saint Vlas and Stara planina

Saint Vlas - a truly unique combination of mountain and sea

Sveti Vlas is a wonderfully beautiful town, nestled among the green southern hills of Stara Planina in the north, with a fantastic view of the boundless blue sea in the east, of the Old Town of Nessebar in the south - with the isthmus and the Old Mill in the middle, and of the cheerful Sunny Beach of west!

The beaches of Saint Vlas are beautiful, with soft and fine sand, facing south, and there are almost no waves. Sometimes the sea is so calm here that it is as if you are entering a giant inflatable swimming pool, in which the water is not only still, but even clean and clear like a mountain stream.

Children are especially happy because the sea is literally up to your knees up to 30-40 meters inland.

The combination of clean and fresh mountain air, sea climate and beautiful nature is unique, remarkable and healthy!

And here, in this place blessed with mountains and salty sea water, I discover

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas – a 5-star luxury hotel complex located right by the seashore

The complex, built in a modern Mediterranean style, is located in the "Yurta" district.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas is located at:

  • 4 kilometers from the center (ten minutes by car) of the largest resort complex in Bulgaria - Sunny Beach

  • 30 kilometers (about half an hour by car) from Burgas Airport

  • 2.5 kilometers (about five minutes by car) from the largest yacht harbor "Marina Dinevi"

As they say - right in the top ten!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

5-star glamor - luxury, spa, sophistication, health and tranquility by the seashore!

The lobby is spacious and bathed in light.

It's nice to rest here after a long journey.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

But to feel fully recharged, toned and transformed, I sought out the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas spa area.

Wellness & SPA – the magic of water

Do you know where the word spa comes from and what it means?

  • Sanitas Pro Aqua - this is the first and most ancient meaning. Latin is the origin and means health through water

  • Sauna Pool Area - as you probably guessed, the second meaning of the abbreviation in question is of English origin and generally refers to an area with a sauna and a pool

  • Spa – the small and cute Belgian town of the same name and located in the Wallonia region, in the very heart of the Ardennes (about 35 kilometers from Liège). Centuries-old green forests surround the Spa and from them breathe fresh mountain healthy air, but the real wealth is the waters. The town is world-famous for its numerous hot mineral springs, where for centuries people sought health, peace, beauty and relaxation. In Roman times, the place was known as Aquae Spadanae / Sepadonae (sometimes wrongly connected with the word spargere - to make noise, to splash) because the waters gushing here are slightly carbonated and full of air bubbles.

Finally, let me summarize - over the centuries, near the places where hot mineral springs gushed, people created baths around which cities grew. Water healed, relieved pain, gave health, beauty, peace and washed away stress from the bodies.

Indoor aquatonic indoor pool with jacuzzi areas

The indoor aquatonic pool at the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas awaits me.

Silence, gloom and tranquility surround this inner oasis of health.

The water in the pool is at a constant temperature of 36 degrees Celsius and feels slightly cool to my body, which tones my every cell.

I submerge slightly, and the lights from the RGB LED floodlights on the pool walls do some weird but nice water dance called chromotherapy!

It's an incredible pleasure here - you know!

The indoor aquatonic pool of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas is divided into three temperature zones.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

For the curious, I have prepared more facts - 72 ultra-powerful single- and double-rotating jets are woven into the walls of the pool and create a real bubble fantasy.

As I relax here, the 6th bubbling symphony of Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas grand maestro - Mr. Bubbles sounds.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

By means of the latest generation rotating heads, the water massage does not concentrate on one point of the body, but smoothly envelops the whole body and makes me sigh with pleasure. You should know that this technology allows for a more effective tissue massage.

I feel indescribable – fresh, toned, young and full of energy!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I can't help but mention the storm!

At one end of the pool, water is constantly pouring from the ceiling - a kind of storm, under which, believe me, I feel great! The heavy jets of water fall under the force of gravity and incredibly pleasantly massage my head, shoulders and arms, while non-stop and sincere laughter comes from my chest, because the jets caressingly tickle me all over. It's so nice!

The pool has six water cannons for the most effective relaxation of the muscles in the shoulder area. I just dive under the storm of water coming from the cannons and let the power of the jets help the body feel supreme and super awesome!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Let me not forget to let you know about one of the great extras of the aquatonic pool - the counter current, which gives my body the feeling of an intense water massage.

It's only been a few minutes... I definitely don't believe it... it seems like hours have passed...

It's so nice here!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

For every passionate lover of non-standard sensations, I recommend the underwater geyser of the warm zone, which with its extremely powerful condensed air envelops me in a million bubbles.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

In the immediate vicinity of the aquatonic pool of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas, there is a comfortable jacuzzi, whose powerful massage jets envelop me in pearly waves. Its higher temperature helps to relax my body as much as possible. The water temperature is ideally maintained in the range of 35 to 37 degrees Celsius, and the combination of warm water massage and the feeling of being immersed relaxes my body, calms my mind, reduces muscle fever due to the long journey, releases accumulated tension and stimulates healing on my body, completely removing the accumulated stress and completely relaxing my muscles.

On the periphery and in both corners with the water jets, some kind of jacuzzi areas are formed, which, believe me, made me feel incomparably pleasant and really comfortable.

Alpine relaxation area

Fifteen minutes later after feeling thirsty, I was relaxing by the fire at Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas' incredibly comfortable alpine relaxation area with an ice-cold glass of fresh lemon water.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

The alpine relaxation area is designed for peaceful relaxation by the pool and for meditation, because it helps perfectly to concentrate thoughts.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I stand here relaxed…

...with an ice cold glass full of fresh lemons and water..

My body has just experienced the incredibly pleasant water massages I told you about and now I am in complete euphoria!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

The fire pleasantly makes the logs crackle as it playfully patterns before my eyes...

My thoughts have flown far away and I am relaxed, alive and full of energy...

This is the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas effect!

Can you feel it?! No? Then you need Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas!

Find the phone

and call the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas right away!

Reserve your room

and sit here before the fire!

Relax your senses

thoughts far into the sea banish

and don't think about anything!

Thermal relaxation area

One relaxation area is not enough for me - I want a second one!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I get up from the comfortable and soft armchair in front of the fire and head to the thermal relaxation area, which is an arm's length away - there, across the street.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I choose one of the comfortable thermal chairs and relax my body on it.

Stress is far away!

My thoughts - they are concentrated and ordered!

Soft music envelops my body, as well as the pleasantly warmed ceramic tiles of the thermal chair.

Fatigue is just a memory!

Muscle pain is a mirage!

A meek rapture, a sweet reverie - they gently touch the heart!

A total relax!

Toned and charged!

Full of life!

I wonder - is this possible?

Is it reality?

Outdoor thermal pools

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas has several outdoor thermal pools, next to which I feel great!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

At the disposal of the guests of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas is a large outdoor thermal pool, the constant water temperature of which is 36 degrees Celsius. This miracle is equipped with fifteen special double-rotating nozzles, the jets of which help to relax muscles and relieve stress.

It is interesting to note that this type of pools are suitable for the prevention of diseases of the locomotor system, the peripheral nervous system, improve orthopedic and traumatological conditions and help with some gynecological and skin problems.


The outdoor jacuzzi is the perfect place to unwind and relax under the starry sky.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Its thermal effect is expressed in the expansion of capillaries and acceleration of blood circulation, and the chemical effect of water - in cleaning and toning the skin. The combination of massage with warm water has an extremely beneficial effect after intense fitness training, as it relaxes the body and muscles.

Contrast solvent

The effect and healing benefits of the contrast medium are enhanced when the immersion is immediately after a stay in a sauna or steam room, which I will tell you about in a moment.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

The water used here is beneficial for blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

I head back, heading boldly to my favorite saunas and steam rooms.

Aroma steam bath

I reach out, open the door of the aroma steam room, and from inside I am hit by the heated air, mixed with aromatic fragrances of herbs.

Impressive, invigorating, toning and so relaxing is here!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas
Aroma steam bath

Characteristics and effect of the aroma steam bath on the human body:

  • Temperature: 42 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: 100%

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • They burn 200 to 400 calories in 30 minutes

  • Increases the body's defense against respiratory infections

  • The flow of oxygen to the cells increases

  • Significantly stimulates the detoxification of the body

  • Improves the overall condition of the skin

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

Finnish sauna

I enter the Finnish sauna, clearly marked with the Pulse sign, and climb to the third-highest row so that I breathe in the hottest air possible. I freeze without moving.

Minutes pass...

I feel even more energetic, cheerful, toned and full of energy.

But how is this possible?!

Is it magic?!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas: Финландска сауна
Finnish sauna

Characteristics and effect of the Finnish sauna on the human body:

  • Temperature: 90 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: maintained between 3% and 15%

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • They burn 250 to 400 calories per minute

  • Sauna effect of detoxification of the body

  • Soothes and relaxes the muscles in the body

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Increases immunity

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

Aroma steam bath

As soon as I open the door, the fresh eucalyptus air penetrates deep into my lungs, unclogs my sinuses and fills my head with euphoria!

I feel dizzy!

Grand Hotel Therme: Арома парна баня
Aroma steam bath

Characteristics and effect of the aroma steam bath on the human body:

  • Temperature: 42 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: maintained at 100%

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • They burn 200 to 400 calories in 30 minutes

  • It has a restorative effect on the body

  • Increases the flow of oxygen to the cells

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

Salt sauna

I enter my favorite salt sauna and stretch my body on the wooden benches.

I inhale deeply, hold and exhale.

I close my eyes.

Total relaxation! Incredible relaxation!

Delight, charm, peace, quiet...

I open my eyes.

Every thought in my head is already organized and in its place.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas: Солна сауна
Salt sauna

Characteristics and effect of the salt sauna on the human body:

  • Temperature: 90 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: 20%

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • Improves tone

  • Toxic substances are removed from the body

  • It brings incomparable relief after a hard workout or a tough week

  • Strengthens immunity

  • It has anti-allergic properties

  • Between 250 and 450 calories are burned in 30 minutes

  • Balances the function of the nervous system

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

I feel like a different person! Somehow younger, more energetic, more alive and so healthy!

Treat yourself to this incredible experience in the top spa area of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas!

Experience the peace, feel the health, touch the beauty!

Hungry and thirsty, I head to the main restaurant.

Main restaurant

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas: Основен ресторант

An indescribable panoramic view of the boundless expanse of the sea!

Rhythmic music, plenty of space, charm and coziness!

Countless culinary masterpieces, built and arranged like a procession await you here!

I'm over the moon again, forgot about hunger!

I stand and once again cannot look at this great art - to prepare and serve food in such an unusual, incomparable, artful, sophisticated and charming way.

There is an incomparable sea breeze coming from the sea, and I eat my favorite chicken steaks combined with wonderful soft baked potatoes with herbs, while drinking chilled cherry juice!

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Emotionally satisfied, culinary satisfied and in a wonderful mood, I looked for the fitness area of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas.

Pulse fitness

As a guest of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas, you have at your disposal the most modern equipment with free or store weights, dumbbells, benches, benches, etc.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas: Pulse fitness

All of them are from the latest professional Techno Gym series and provide multiple options for your dynamic and effective strength training.

At your disposal are:

  • Stretching zone

  • Cardio zone

  • Force zone

  • Personal trainer

  • Protein bar

In the strength area, the latest generation of Techno Gym equipment from their most luxurious Element+ series is at your disposal.

The elegant and functional design and the comfortable and ergonomic bio seats contribute to a better effect of training and also reduce the risk of injuries.

The cardio area offers equipment from the professional Techno Gym series – cross trainers, steppers, rowing trainers and bicycle ergometers.

The devices are made especially for Pulse, without an analogue in all of Europe.

The stretching area offers a great opportunity and the best way to improve the elasticity and recovery of the skeletal muscles. Stretching exercises have many positive effects on the body, helping with muscle balance, relaxation, recovery, growth.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

The protein bar is more than excellently loaded. Here you can boost yourself with a protein shake after a grueling workout. Weight loss, muscle mass, strength or endurance - here you will find the right nutritional supplements and supplements for you, of course from the most famous and globally established manufacturers.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I head to the expansive cardio area on the second floor.

Each treadmill is located in front of a huge panoramic window with a view of the endless blue sea.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I choose a path and climb.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

A number of selected programs are waiting for me on the huge LCD matte panel, of which I stop at one.

I set the time, pace and set the number of calories I want to burn.

I set the speed and press START.

I take a few slow steps towards the sea in front of me (towards the sea in me).

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I'm slowly speeding up.

My body is getting used to the pace. My heart beats rhythmically, pushing blood into my veins, which I can feel pulsating.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out...

...rhythmic and in time with every step on the path.

Did I say the path?! So I run on the waves of the sea!

Every step I take is a wave

and I fly on the waves of the sea!

A scene from my favorite Ghibli movie popped into my head. I see the little mermaid Ponyo running on the huge waves of fish in search of her friend Sosuke - a shocking scene without parallel in world cinema!

I feel amazing!

The sea under (inside) me roars!

The waves of the sea pursue me in a ceaseless flight, and I fly to the blue of infinity!

Forgot a weekday...

Forgot everything...

This is freedom!

You will find more information here:

Tightened, toned, strengthened, out of breath but not tired, I sought out the outdoor pool of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas.

Outdoor pool

Did you know that Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas has the largest and most modern outdoor pool in the region?

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

The pool occupies the place between the majestic building of the hotel complex and the blue sea.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Over sixty deck chairs, double beds and tents are available to each guest. And at the huge pool bar, everyone can find a wide variety of cocktails and all kinds of refreshing drinks.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Private beach

From the outdoor pool area, you go to the private beach of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas hotel complex.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

This area is unique and provides unparalleled comfort to every beachgoer just meters from the sea waves and undisturbed by the crowds on the beach below.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

I stretch my body on the soft lounger, spread the umbrella and close my eyes.


Among the wonders of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas is the special relaxation area, as I called it.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Between the indoor aquatonic pool, the gym and the corridor for the outdoor pool, a wonderful flower corner has been created.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Birdsong wafts through these halls. Magical music sculpts tranquility around, mixed with babbling brook, rustling leaves and sounds of relaxation.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Hammam is a traditional procedure that combines the traditions of the Roman and Byzantine baths.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

A subdued soft light fills the room.

The floor is heated.

Here, a temperature for steaming is maintained around 50 degrees Celsius and high air humidity - between 70 and 100%.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

The procedures here improve the blood circulation of the skin and stimulate its excretory function, as well as the metabolism.

Children's kingdom

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas provides its youngest guests with a free all-day children's corner with an animator, entertaining games, toys, music and themed parties.

At the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas, you can rest assured that your little ones will have fun while you enjoy your vacation.

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas

Every day in the children's corner there is an animator who takes care of your children from 10:00 to 21:00, and all the facilities here meet the highest safety standards.

It's time to leave, but I promise to come back again!

Goodbye, Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas!

Thanks for the sea!

Thanks for the sea breeze!

Thanks for the smiles!

Thanks for the special (photo) moments!

Thanks for the lovely culinary masterpieces!

Thanks for the luxurious atmosphere!

Thanks for the incomparable spa relaxation!

Thanks for the comfort and silence!

Thanks for everything!

I chose Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas!

You will find more information here:

How to get to Sveti Vlas?

Sveti Vlas is a city in Southeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Nessebar Municipality, Burgas Region.

Saint Vlas is located at the foot of the southern slopes of Stara Planina, in close proximity to the Black Sea coast.

The town is only 12 kilometers away from the historic town of Nessebar.

Saint Vlas occupies the northern part of the bay, near which Sunny Beach and the Elenite villa settlement are located.

The beach of Saint Vlas faces south. The sand is fine and golden.

The unique combination of clean mountain air, sea climate and beautiful nature is typical of this charming region.

Summer days are characterized by quiet mornings and relatively cool afternoons.

Autumn is long, warm and wonderful. Winter is mild.

Sveti Vlas stands on:

  • 418 kilometers (about 4 hours by car) from the capital

  • 285 kilometers (about 2 hours and 50 minutes by car) from the city of Plovdiv

  • 95 kilometers (about 1 hour and 40 minutes by car) from the city of Varna

  • 41 kilometers (about 44 minutes by car) from the city of Burgas

How do I get to Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas?

Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas is located at the beginning of the town.

Entering the city from the west through Sunny Beach or from Obzorski Prohod, continue east along St. Vlasii Street.

At the intersection with Grand Market "Mercury" turn right.

And as a finale, my dear friends,

you shouldn't miss a look

the special album with photo moments –

discovered, experienced, captured and shared with you!


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