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Alepu beach

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

My dear friends, in this travel blog journey take with me this walk along another beautiful, wild and long beach - this is the beautiful Driver's beach.

Alepu beach

How to get here?

It is located between the Dunes (north) and Humata cape and Arkutino (south), and borders the Alepu swamp to the west, so it is also possible to hear it as Alepu beach.

The beach itself is long and beautiful, with fine, soft sand.

There is an asphalt road between the beach and the swamp, where you can leave your car.

The beach here is very pleasant and peaceful.

Alepu beach

An interesting fact is that the Alepu swamp is a natural landmark for the conservation of waterfowl and the rare plant that grows in this area, the devil's nut.

Alepu is also from the Ramsar site "Complex Ropotamo", as well as from the protected areas NATURA 2000. Also from here passes the birds trail "Via pontica".

Alepu beach

Unfortunately, there are no paths, trails or separate routes for walking through the swamp itself and a passage through the reeds would be accompanied by many difficulties and the need for appropriate clothing and special accessories. Just go to the beach on the left ;)

I hope my photo moments have brought you very good mood.

See you soon, my dear friends, and have a nice walk!

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