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Domlyan beauties

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Dear ladies, have you heard from your gentlemen "You are beautiful and fresh like a domlyan rose after a storm?"

A rose from Domlyan
Domlyan's rose

And do you know where this comparison comes from?

In today's travel blog journey I will try to tell and most of all show where the story of this expression comes from.

So in that early May spring afternoon I walk around Svezhen - a wonderfully beautiful village nestled in the thickets of Sarnena Sredna Gora, I look at its ancient houses, I step on the old cobblestones in the narrow streets and suddenly ...

Until the gathering of the perfect spring storm!

Or he probably came from the Balkan?!

The sky darkened terribly - black as tar!

Everything fell silent - the birds, until recently announcing my walk with gentle songs, now fell silent and hid in their nests!

A strong wind suddenly twisted and took the heavy and huge drops of rain falling from the tar clouds!

Hot flashes tore the heavens!

And I - run to the car and run away from this scary natural phenomenon.

About halfway between Mrachenik and Domlyan, the storm began to calm down. The rain drastically decreased and the first rays of sunshine from the already blue sky, until recently black, began to playfully catch my eye.

When the rain stopped completely and the sun smiled from the azure blue sky, I was already in Domlyan.

And what to see?!

In the center of this beautiful village - a wonderful picture!

A rose from Domlyan
Domlyan's rose

Freshly bathed beauties - fresh, with bright colors, smiling from a beautifully landscaped garden!

All colors and shapes - red, pink, yellow, orange, white, small and large!

A rose from Domlyan
Domlyan's rose

Beauty in any shape and size!

Charm at max!

And I filmed it all for you! And now it's time to present you my Domlyan beauties after the storm!

Rose beauty

And in addition to the magnificent roses, I offer you these pink majesties, which flirted with one of the many flower beds among the houses of Domlyan.

How to get here?

Nearby is the beautiful Domlyan dam, which you should not miss in case you pass nearby!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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