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Belmeken peak

Updated: May 27

One extremely hot Saturday in July, in order to escape the city heat, I looked for the coolness of the mountain and for this purpose I went to Rila.

Belmeken peak
Belmeken dam as it seen from Belmeken Peak

The weather was beautiful, the air was incredibly clear and cool, and the mountain greeted me with "Welcome!"

I arrived at the dam of the same name shortly before noon, and the temperature was only 17 degrees.

Going down to the dam, it was even colder.

Here is the desired and sought-after freshess!

The water of the dam was clear, the sun shone on the waves, a light wind played with them.

I take to the top.

Belmeken peak
The trail from Belmeken dam to the Belmeken peak

The trail to Belmeken Peak starts from the car park in the southwestern part of Belmeken dam.

How to get to Belmeken dam?

Belmeken Dam can be reached by heading to Yundola. From there you take the road to the dam. The road is great during the warm seasons. During the winter there is a lot of snow in the area and you should be especially careful and very well informed.

Now let's go back to the path leading to Belmeken peak.

The path itself is pleasant to walk on, the grass was springing under my feet and fatigue was running away.

Belmeken Dam is located at about 1910 meters above sea level.

It is extremely picturesque and uniquely beautiful!

Pirin from Belmeken peak
Pirin from Belmeken peak

Although in Rila, the view to the south to the snow ridges of Pirin is breathtaking.

I cross a clear stream - extra coolness for the senses.

Almost all the time there is a magnificent view of the sapphire blue waters of Belmeken dam and the surrounding high Rila peaks - Sivrichal with a height of 2641 meters and Ravnichal with a height of 2637 meters.

Here and there the snow reminds me of the altitude I was already at - 2626 meters.

And now enjoy the incredible beauty of Rila, Belmeken peak and the view from this height to beautiful Bulgaria!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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