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Beli Iskar eco-trail

My dear friends, let's move forward to the next adventure on the eco-trail "Beli Iskar"!

For all those looking for the coolness and freshness of the mountain in summer or the beauty of nature in autumn, the eco-trail "Beli Iskar" will pleasantly surprise, cool and refresh you for a whole day.

The panoramic site and the stunning view of the Eagle Rocks
What realy is Beli Iskar eco-trail?

Located on the outskirts of Rila National Park, it is about seven and a half kilometers long, winding around the Beli Iskar River, a pleasant and easy to walk trail that you can easily walk without (almost) taking a breath.

How to get here?

The town of Samokov is a good enough landmark. Once you arrive here, head to the village of Beli Iskar, the only village along the Beli Iskar River.

Continue through the village, following the main road and keeping to the right on all deviations. You leave the village of Beli Iskar on an asphalt and narrow road, which in some places is quite worn out, but still passable by car.

About 4 km after the village is the beginning of the eco-trail. There is a large and shady parking lot where you can leave your car. A large number of information boards are placed at the beginning of the trail and from there our journey begins.

Rila National Park

Beli Iskar Park Section

  • Main bridge №1, named "Sinia vir"

  • Main bridge №2, named "Izgrev"

  • Main bridge №3, named "Dvata kamaka"

  • Main bridge №4, named "Tis"

  • Main bridge №5, named "Dalgia"

  • Main bridge №6, named "Bor"

  • Main bridge №7, named "Aramlia"

  • Main bridge №8, named "Solaro"

Each of the above main bridges is built over the Beli Iskar River, and as you can guess, you will cross the river eight times.

Main bridge №1, named "Sinia vir"

You will cross a large string of wooden bridges - 8 large and 11 smaller, and there are also six separate places for rest and relaxation, named "Ezeroto", "Kamaka", "Sredorek", "Zdravets", "Zaslona" and "Kashtata" where you can relax, enjoying the coolness, freshness and the sound of the water.

The trail itself is extremely well marked and maintained. You can't go wrong. The wooden bridges are in enviable good condition.

Main (main) bridge №2, named "Izgrev"

At the beginning of the eco-trail the altitude is 1215 meters and at the "Zaslona", located between the bridges №7 "Aramlia" and №8 "Solaro" - 1380 meters.

The highest point of the eco-trail is at the panoramic site - 1528 meters.

Main bridge №3, named "Dvata kamaka"

The panoramic site is located on the left slope of the river valley and offers stunning views of the Eagle Rocks.

As you will guess from its very name, the trail winds along both banks of the river of the same name Beli Iskar.

Main bridge №4, named "Tis"

Beli Iskar is a river in the municipality of Samokov, right on the Iskar River. Its length is 28 kilometers. The Beli Iskar River is considered to be the beginning of the Iskar River.

The Beli Iskar River flows from the Kanarsko Lake, located at 2270 meters above sea level, north of Redzhepitsa Peak (2677.8 meters) in Rila. It flows north in a deep valley with steep slopes.

Main bridge №5, named "Dalgia"

500 meters north of the village of Beli Iskar and 1047 meters above sea level it joins the river Cherni Iskar, which comes to its left, and the two rivers form the river Iskar.

The river brings the coolness and freshness of the mountain, so while walking around it, it is extremely fresh and pleasant, especially on hot summer days.

Main bridge №6, named "Bor"

Beli Iskar is a lush and roaring river, which makes the walk even more enjoyable.

The valley of the Beli Iskar River is located between the Musalenski and Central parts of the Rila Mountains. It is one of the most remarkable and charming valleys on the Balkan Peninsula. In essence, it is "Rila Mountain on a micro scale" - a representative sample of the mountain.

Main bridge №7, named "Aramlia"

The relief in the area is mountainous, riparian, typical of the foot of the mountain, where the river emerges from the narrow gorges and begins to flow in a wider bed.

It is interesting to note that after the seventh bridge you will climb to 1215 meters above sea level, where the "Zaslona" is located.

Recreation and relaxation area called "Zaslona"

There are several wooden benches to support your tired bodies. At the "Zaslona" is much cooler and you will need some outerwear.

From the "Zaslona" you descend to the bridge №8.

Main bridge №8, named "Solaro"

As soon as you get off the eighth bridge on the main road, look for a small wooden bridge to the left of the asphalt road.

If you blink and you will miss it!

It is the beginning of another adventure with more adrenaline.

View from the panoramic site to the main bridge №7, named "Aramlia"

This part is a bit more complicated and requires more climbing. Its complexity is increased by the significant amount of fallen trees across the path, and their passage requires enviable acrobatic techniques. But patience, because your efforts will soon be rewarded! You will come out on a wide panoramic platform, which reveals an incredible view of the Eagle Rocks.

The panoramic site is located just above the bridge №7. There are also wooden benches to relax.

Once you enjoy the beauty around you, you don't have to go back, just continue on the trail. This part is descending headlong, but is pleasant and very fun.

You will exit the trail somewhere between bridges №6 and №7 and I advise you to just continue on the asphalt road in the direction of the parking lot and your car.

You are probably tired enough to go back the same way - through the forest and the bridges, so I recommend following the asphalt road. Walking on it is also pleasant enough.

The whole trail walks calmly for about 3 to 4 hours, not counting the breaks.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

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