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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The beautiful Balchik is located on the shores of the Black Sea, near the resorts of Albena, Golden Sands, Kranevo and the cities of Dobrich, Kavarna and Varna.

The white limestone rocks on which Balchik is located form a picturesque and indescribably beautiful bay.

In fact, the current name of the city arose after the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule. The name of the town probably comes from the Turkish word "balçık", which is pronounced "balçak", and means clay. It is located in the vicinity of the city, especially in the western, eroded part. Clay was mined in some of the hills, even within the city itself.

The Balchik coast is characterized by rocky and steep hills, descending amphitheatrically to the shore. The spacious beaches and wooded areas behind them in the southern part of Balchik, the cozy beach terraces and the rocky cliffs to the north, give a specific exoticism to Balchik and its coast. The coastline is about 18 kilometers long, and the largest beach in Balchik is Kranevo-Albena, famous for its fine golden sand, spacious beach and crystal clear sea.

Extremely valuable natural resource of the region is Balchik Tuzla with its high quality healing mud, which helps to restore and maintain health and beauty.

The territory of Balchik municipality is a land marked by the culture and religions of seven civilizations. The town of Balchik is a unique place that has preserved evidence of the existence of our ancestors from ancient times. Monuments of prehistoric, Thracian, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgarian-Slavic and Ottoman civilizations today give reason to call this blessed territory "Land of Seven Civilizations".

Extremely beautiful landmark is the Architectural and Park Complex "Palace", built as a summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria during the Romanian occupation of South Dobrudja in the period from 1919 to 1940 and the later established Botanical Garden.

Walking here will bring you incomparable pleasure!

Have a nice walk around!

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