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Marina Reka eco-trail

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, in this travel blog journey I will present you this ideal for children, easy, short and very beautiful eco-trail located in Strandzha mountain.

If you go on the trail in May, as I did, as a bonus to the wonderful mood you will get a blooming Strandzha periwinkle (Rhododendron ponticum).

How to get here?

Extremely easy in fact!

Take the road Tsarevo - Malko Tarnovo and just before (about 3 to 3.5 km) the checkpoint at the fork for the beautiful village of Kosti, be careful for a large sign on the left side.

Also near the sign there is a small parking lot, enough to accommodate two autobuses and a few cars.

Do not trust the navigation, it will deceive you!

The place is well marked with signposts and you should not miss it.

So, leave your car, take a backpack, water and your good mood and that's it!

The trail goes down to the Marina Reka. The way back is a little bit harder.

The centuries-old trees, which have formed an excellent shade on the trail, as well as quite super interesting information boards will take good care of your mood.

Going down to the classroom is very easy and imperceptible, because the slope is natural down.

The classroom is also a lot of fun, especially for the kids!

There was definitely a lot of laughter here!

The way back is a little bit difficult.

The whole trail with a sufficient number of breaks takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

I wish you an extremely fresh stay on Marina Reka eco-trail, my dear friends!

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