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Route "Wonders of the Zlatitsa-Pirdop Region" – a great idea for the weekend

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Dear friends of "Photo Moments", I have specially prepared for you a magnificent route that will reveal to you the charm of the magical region of Zlatishko-Pirdop!

All the ideas presented here are completely suitable and doable within a weekend!

The route presented here can be used by people of all ages - young families with small children, couples in love, good and faithful friends, young at heart but with silver in the hair, or in other words - all lovers of majestic views, phenomenal reflections of the proud and old Balkan in the water and walks among wonderful wonders and bits of history.

In order to enjoy the "Wonders of Zlatishko-Pirdop region" route, in addition to a great mood and countless smiles, we will need transport, because the presented wonders are far from each other.

In specially selected places in the text you will find links to information-rich and photo- and video-rich publications leading to my site "Photo Moments". Follow them to learn interesting and curious facts about the relevant landmark and enrich your knowledge about this beautiful and peaceful part of Bulgaria!

Route characteristics

Type of route – need for transport and walking.

Total length (with transport) – about 50 kilometers (includes all the sights listed below).

Total length of pedestrian section – about 2 kilometers (total).

Duration - all the sights listed below can be walked and visited in a day. In case you wish to stay in the area, it is possible to extend the walks so that the route covers an entire weekend.

Appropriate equipment - comfortable sports shoes, as well as comfortable clothing and outerwear according to the season.

Sights that we will see during the route:

  • Elenska Basilica

  • Saint Elijah Chapel

  • Dushantsi village

  • Church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius"

  • Authentic Roman Kufarita Bridge

  • Saint George Chapel

  • Dushantsi Dam

  • Anton village

  • Antonovsky (Antonsky) waterfall

  • Grandfather's Mitten Park

  • The old clock tower in the town of Zlatitsa

  • Zlatishki waterfall

  • Chapel "St. St. Cyric and Julita"

  • Ascension Monastery

  • Well of salvation

  • The new camera

The "Wonders of Zlatishko-Pirdop region" route is recommended for people of all ages!

The starting point of the "Wonders of the Zlatishko-Pirdop region" route is the majestic ruins of the Elenska Basilica.

Near the ruins of the basilica is the chapel of St. Elijah, which we should not miss to see.

"St. Elijah" chapel near Elenska Basilica near Pirdop

Only 8 kilometers from the ruins of Elenska Basilica (about 12 minutes by car), nestled in the bosom of Sštinska Sredna Gora, we find the charming jewel of Dushantsi.

Walking here is an incomparable pleasure!

In Dushantsi, I suggest you visit the beautiful white church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", which you will learn about by following the link.

At the end of the village we find an authentic Roman Kufarita bridge, which we will cross.

After the bridge, the road takes us to the "St. George" chapel, from which an incomparable panorama of beauty is revealed to the entire Zlatishko-Pirdop valley!

After enjoying the sights, we return back to the starting position and continue to the beautiful "Dushantsi" dam.

Dushantsi Dam

A walk by the "Dushantsi" dam is a unique pleasure that relaxes our tired bodies from the gray everyday life and recharges us with new strength, and that too in every season!

Here, see for yourself!

Dushantsi Dam

"Dushantsi" dam in the summer.

"Dushantsi" dam in autumn.

"Dushantsi" dam in winter.

And so! We are already charged with energy and positive feelings!

Only 5 kilometers from Dushantsi (about 6 minutes by car) there is another quiet, sunny and green village - Anton. Come, travelers, let's go to Anton!

Antonovsky (Antonsky) waterfall (Butterfly)

Nearby is the lush and so noisy in the spring and after the rains Antonovsky (Antonski) waterfall, to which I advise you to go now.

Did you get wet enough?!

Only 18 kilometers from Antonovski waterfall (about 18 minutes by car) we find the town of Zlatitsa, where we will first visit the fairytale park "Grandfather's Mitten"!

It's fun here, isn't it?!

The clock tower of the town of Zlatitsa

Nearby rises the old clock tower of the city, and we will now go to it.

Zlatishki waterfall

From the clock tower, we drive to the outskirts of Zlatitsa, where we will enjoy a second lush and noisy waterfall - this is Zlatishki waterfall.

View of the Zlatishko-Pirdop valley

There are steps built near the waterfall and I suggest you climb them. From this height, another charming view of the entire Zlatishko-Pirdop valley is revealed! Enjoy!

Chapel "St. St. Kirik and Julita" above the town of Zlatitsa

Nearby is the chapel "St. St. Cyric and Iulita". Let's visit it.

"Holy Spas" Monastery, also known as "Ascension of the Lord" near the town of Zlatitsa

Now we take the stairs back, but before we leave, let's take a look at the Monastery of Saint Spas, also known as Ascension.

Spasovo well near the town of Zlatitsa

Maybe you're thirsty? Near the monastery is Spasovo Kladchenche, from which cold Balkan water gushes for thirsty throats and sea bodies.

Drink, rest and enjoy Zlatitsa!

And as a finale, my dear friends, I have prepared another surprise for you - the new camera!

The new kemer is located in the middle of Medetski Prohod, only 8 kilometers (about 11 minutes by car) from the town of Zlatica. Let's take a look at this old and rickety bridge.

Magnificent route, isn't it?!

I hope you will make it happen as well, enjoying the wonders of the Zlatishko-Pirdop region, so picturesque!

Come on, travelers, let's go!

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