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Zlatitsa falls, Savior's well and Ascension Monastery

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

If you passing nearby Zlatitsa and you are fond of beautiful waterfalls, you can visit Zlatitsa falls.

Panoramic view to Zlatitsa

How to get to Zlatitsa falls?

After entering Zlatitsa you head to its northeastern part, north of the railway line, where Stara Planina Street is located. Take on it and you will soon find yourself outside the northern suburbs at the foot of the Balkans.

As the roaring grows, you will find yourself approaching Zlatitsa falls.

The waterfall is located on Kuru Dere river.

The river is quite flooded and the waterfall is especially beautiful and roaring!

Just above the biggest drop there is a protruding rock, which provides a magnificent view of both the waterfall and the town of Zlatitsa.

The view around is fascinating!

To the right of the waterfall there are 236 steps to a hill, which reveals a phenomenal view of the entire Zlatitsa-Pirdop valley.

If you climb the stairs, you will reach a small chapel named "St. St. Kirik and Julita ”.

The view!

If you continue to the left along the waterfall, you will find yourself at the Savior's well and the Ascension Monastery.

Interesting facts about the Savior's well, which I learned from a local resident:

  • constant water flow throughout the year, no matter how dry and hot the summer is;

  • the water temperature is the same all year round.

Zlatishki waterfall, Spasovo well and the monastery "Ascension" can be visited by people of all ages. The steps to the chapel "St. St. Kirik and Julita" are light and pleasant.

Wheelchair users can access the waterfall, the well and the monastery. The steps to the chapel are not wheelchair accessible.

I wish you a charming walk!

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