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Vacha dam in summer

"Vacha" is an amazingly beautiful dam located in the middle of the Rhodopes along the river Vacha.

"Vacha" dam in summer
"Vacha" dam in summer

The dam is part of the "Dospat-Vacha" cascade.

"Vacha" dam in summer

The highest dam wall in Bulgaria was built on "Vacha" - with a height of 144.5 meters.

The wall of the "Vacha" dam

The former name of the "Vacha" dam was "Antonivanovtsi". A kilometer west of the dam wall, a memorial was erected on the shore in honor of the partisans of the "Anton Ivanov" detachment who died in the area at the beginning of 1944.

"Anton Ivanov" memorial near the "Vacha" dam

"Vacha" is the largest dam on the Vacha river and ranks among the largest in Bulgaria.

Panorama of the "Vacha" dam from Bekovi skali

The dam is about 10 kilometers long - from the wall at the "Antonivanovtsi" rest station to the spillway near the village of Mikhalkovo.

Benches and tables for rest and relaxation by the "Vacha" dam

The waters of the dam are used to irrigate the Plovdiv field.

Fishery at the "Vacha" dam

A wide variety of fish thrives in the reservoir – carp, perch, carp, grass carp, bream, whitefish, baboon, mullet, bream, catfish, walleye, sunfish, redfin and pike. Thanks to this variety, it is a very popular fishing spot.

Fishery at the "Vacha" dam

The dam has many pontoons with buildings, including a fish farm. Some of the pontoon houses are rented out and visited by vacationers and tourists during the summer. You can ride a water bike, boat or jet around them.

There are excellent conditions for tourism along the banks of the dam.

Benches and tables for rest and relaxation by the "Vacha" dam

The Krichim-Devin road passes by the dam.

How do you get to Vacha Dam?

And maybe you want to visit "Vacha" in autumn, when the surroundings are extremely picturesque?

I wish you a charming, fresh, green and cheerful walk!

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