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Ustina falls

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

My dear friends, I sincerely believe you are ready for our next journey!

Ustina falls

Now I will take you to a very easy and pleasant eco-trail that will take us high in the Rhodope and will open us fantastic views.

A view to the slopes of Rhodopes from St. George chapel above the village of Ustina

How to get to the starting point of Ustinska eco-trail?

The village of Ustina is a small, pretty, Plovdiv area village, nestled at the foot of the northern Rhodopes.

It is close to the town of Krichim and the town of Perushtitsa, located about halfway between them.

As you enter the village, look for its central square. Behind it there is a small parking lot where you can safely leave your car, because we will not need it.

Feel free to ask for directions, because the locals are extremely kind people and will gladly guide you. It is also an option to use the navigation on which to look for the beginning of the eco-trail. I personally preferred this option in combination with the first mentioned. A third option is to follow the signposts that will take you to the beginning of the trail, to the beginning of our adventure and to the end of the village.

The distance between the parking lot and the end of the village is no more than ten minutes and you are already walking on the Ustinska eco-trail.

White cat
A brave, white cat stands proudly on guard and watches for mouse raids

It's autumn season!

A view to the slopes of Rhodopes from St. George chapel above the village of Ustina

The Rhodopes have changed splendidly, and the sun shines low over them.

Autumn crocuses in purple delight me in the sunny little meadows.

Along the trail on the right you will find a cheerful, colorful and very beautifully arranged and painted in different colors corner. Well, that's right - and the bees should have a good time, so they will make even sweeter honey.

"When its colorful to the bees, they make more honey" - an old proverb from Ustina!

At the end of the first part of the trail you will find a fountain, shelter with benches for relaxation and you will admire the beautiful view of the village.

I continue on the trail.

I enter the mountain, which is felt by the temperature around. At the end of the second part of the trail there is an even better view of the village, and the rocks in the distance seem to be alive.

A lizard boldly basks in the last warm, sunny rays and doesn't pay much attention to me while I'm shooting it.

I keep going up!

We are already entering the mountain and it is getting quite cold. The sun rarely manages to slip between a branch.

At the end of the third part of the trail we are in front of the fork that leads to the waterfall itself, as well as to the fork leading up to the chapel of St. George.

I head for the waterfall. Then I will go back and climb the path up.

There is a bench to rest tired legs. A strange fountain gushing out of a tree.

Ustina falls

Unfortunately, at this time of the year there is no waterfall at all, but the rocks are majestic and quite beautiful. The waterfall itself, when it exists, falls from a height of about fifteen meters.

I promise to come back again when the water is here again in the spring. It's too beautiful not to come back again.

After admiring the view, I go back and walk up the path.

The chapel calls me and I have no idea what awaits me.

The steep slope is full of autumn crocuses. It's purple everywhere. However, my feet are light and I will be up soon.

What a suprise!

The view from here is simply fascinating! You sit on the rocks and for an hour you forget about Life, the Universe and everything else. You just look around.

Along the Ustina eco trail

A pigeon is perched on the highest rock and is watching me with curiosity, and I am watching back at it.

Ustina is very beautiful!

The Thracian lowland is very beautiful!

The rocks around are very beautiful!

The forest is very beautiful!

The Rhodopes are uniquely beautiful!

Bulgaria is very beautiful for us!

The village of Ustina

When you are ready, get up and just go back. I was in my car in about twenty minutes, but the views left a deep mark on me.

A view from St. George chapel above Ustina

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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