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The village of Manastir

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The village of Manastir is:

blessed by Lord

most beautiful in the Rhodopes and in the world,

the highest village in the Balkans - 1550 m,

founded in 1890 by vigilant settlers;

our mother is Davidkovo, our father is the Ffreedom,

with a church and school built before the houses,

with the first power plant in the region,

with water supply from 1936 and sewerage from 1946,

with television before Smolyan;

the best place for love,

with the sweetest children, beautiful as the sun,

knowledge and teaching are in our blood,

we are born with an outstretched hand and hospitality,

you will not be hungry and without a roof,

as a notarial deed the word here weighs;

with the cleanest air, with the clearest water, it helps

for desire, for stubbornness, for hangover and female migraine;

with the most beautiful meadows as carpets,

with the bluest sky, you can touch it with your hand,

with a lake on Haidushki Polyani, an eye of the mountain,

with fabulous places for contemplations and excursions,

with pleasant, moderately busy routes,

with eco-trails and gazebos for rest and when its raining,

traveling with clouds, you're dreaming while you're awake,

with the most delicious strawberries, raspberries, blueberries,

with the most healing aromatic herbs,

with a palette of mushrooms - beware!

With hunting grounds, the hunting game is responsive,

with crystal clear rivers for bathing and fishing,

with amazing sunsets and a promising morning,

with cozy houses and holiday hotels,

with the most delicious milkweed, with the smell of a meadow,

with the most appetizing barbecue, does not gain weight,

with men - slender spruces and willowy women,

sons-in-law like honey, enchantress - daughters-in-law,

with the best songs - there is no chilek not to sing,

the bagpipe sings and cries: "I am white and beautiful, my hero",

with cafes and places for conversation,

with sweet talkers and great pranksters;

with many chapels of worship,

with hospitable neighbors in villages and neighborhoods;

meek heat, meek people, meek beasts,

in the village of Manastir you will eat with air

life is slow and you don't grow old

St. Peter's Day is the day of the village, there is a fair

only one flaw - no mall here,

but you will save some money.

Here Lord descends

to rest and rejoice in his deeds

Manastir our beautiful,

Lord's throne!

The flag of Manastir village, Smolyan
The flag of the vilage of Manastir

How to get the village of Manastir?

The Prespa Fountain was built on the idea and project of Prof. Stefan Dichev with the assistance and serious financial support of many villagers and supporters.

The fountain Prespa in the village Manastir, Smolyan

The spring of the fountain is at the foot of Prespa peak.

The water from the spring is magical!

My dear friends, in this travel blog journey I will show you the majestic temple of the village of Manastir, built at the very beginning of the construction of the village and above all else.

St. Peter and St. Paul church in the village of Manastir, Smolyan
St. Peter and St. Paul church

This is the white tample of the village of Manastir.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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