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The trail to Snezhanka cave

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Dear fans of "Photo moments", I offer you many smiles, spring colors and cheerful mood on the trail to the cave "Snezhanka".

Snezhanka cave
Snezhanka cave

Dear friends, I believe most of you have visited this interesting and wonderful cave at least once, right?

Do you remember the trail to the cave?

Do you remember those cheerful signs prepared with a lot of zest and humor by the organizers?

For all of you today, I have prepared with many smiles and even more spring mood a walk along the path to the "Snezhanka" cave, filled with flowers, catchy messages from the interesting signposts and lots of rest.

And while the directional sign at the trailhead near the parking lot says a total hike time of 25 minutes, I can safely confirm that for the more inexperienced it will take twice as long.

Why? – you will ask.

Because of the unevenness. – I will answer.

The trail to the cave "Snezhanka" is quite steep and for the untrained, a really serious number of rests will be needed! Take this fact into account in case you are chasing a timetable (for an entrance to the cave for example).

As noted on the signpost, the length of the trail is 830 meters.

The trail to Snezhanka cave
Panorama from the trail to Snezhanka cave

So grab the good mood and let's go to "Snezhanka"!

Forest cyclamen along the trail to Snezhanka cave
Forest cyclamen along the trail to Snezhanka cave

And this season, the forest cyclamen have just bloomed and are just everywhere!

How do you get to the parking lot, from where the steep path to the "Snezhanka" cave begins?

The place is located five kilometers from the town of Peshtera (about 13 minutes by car).

From the point shown in the link, the steep path to "Snezhanka" starts.

There is a parking lot on the site where you can leave your cars.

Snezhanka cave

The Snow White cave adventure was simply stunning and I can't wait to tell you more, but since I visited the cave during the time when photography is prohibited, the story will wait a little longer.

Happy spring walk friends!

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