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Water lillies lake

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Dear fans of "Photo Moments", I proudly welcome you with "Welcome" to Panagyur Colonies!

The lake with water lilies in the village of Panagyurski kolonii

Come with me on a magical fairytale walk by your favorite water lily lake.

Blooming water lily in the lake of Panagyur colonies

It's the beginning of July!

The height of summer!

It is extremely hot throughout the day and in the evening we all seek the coolness of the mountains, the forest or the lake.

Blooming water lilies in the lake of Panagyurski kolonii

Lilies are uniquely charming – white, pink and yellow!

It's time for romantic, cool evenings and long, nighttime and so pleasant walks by your favorite lake!

But lo and behold, the pond has new wonderful inhabitants - a pair of shy black swans who would much rather not be in front of people's lenses, despite all this enormous attention. It's as if a couple of star Hollywood actors have moved into this fairy tale corner for the summer and are looking to constantly avoid the cheeky paparazzi (ie us).

A pair of black swans in the lake of Panagyurski kolonii

Little by little, over time, the lovely pair of black swans turned the lake into their beautiful and cozy home.

A pair of black swans in the lake of the village of Panagyurski Kolonii

And here - the young lovers have overcome their shyness and importantly, importantly, they fly in the middle of the waves driven by the wind.

Yes, indeed, at first they were timid, shunned by people, and hid far away in the reeds, but then they overcame their shame!

A black swan in the lake of the village of Panagyurski Kolonii

The wonderful photo moments in this post-journey for capturing a series of July, calm, summer evenings by the favorite lake.

On them you will see the couple in love in all their charm and splendor!

A few ducks keep the young family company.

Black swan and ducks in the lake of Panagyurski kolonii

During the cool and long July evenings the moon was also very beautiful. I shot it especially for you!

The Moon

And to finish – a short walk through the surrounding woods and a phenomenal sunset captured through the tree trunks.

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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