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Updated: Jan 28, 2023

My dear friends, with all the same unceasing trepidation and with the most wonderful and warm feelings I present to you this exceptional series of impossible artworks!

Let it be called "Seasons"!

And since every new idea is usually associated with an experience, here's what happened around "Seasons":

I'm walking in Hisarya…

As always, I walk past the majestic ruins of the ancient Roman walls.

Amazed again…

In many places the wall is broken, unable to withstand the relentless raids of time.

But what to see!?

Peering through one of these openings in the wall, in place of the gray winter picture, spring cheerful and colorful colors came to my mind.

Two seasons in one moment - winter and spring!

Bare gray solitary branches and living stems strewn with colors, stretched out to the sun!

Gray and purple!

Gloomy and alive!

Black and green!

Somehow both seasons were peering through the wall at the same time, fighting for supremacy. But who will prevail?

Surprised, and admittedly a little scared, I looked around.

Was I the only one to witness this struggle?

And so the idea of "Seasons" was born!

In this series, I will present only one artwork, combining two or more images of the same object or landscape, shot from the same angle, but in a different season. In other words - this is an impossible natural fusion.

Here I present to you my first child in this series, called "Cercis siliquastrum of Hisarya in Winter and Spring".

I really hope that my artwork will excite and please you!

I will be especially grateful if you tell me about as a comments below!

See you in Seasons, my dear friends!

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