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Sealed with love

Updated: Aug 31

Your love is passed on to us too! Keep up the noble work!

Dimi Markova

An idyll! As a ray of light and hope in these dark times!

Maria Verrier

You always manage to touch my heart! Your speech is amazing! You tell a lively and fascinating story, and the photos are unique! Thanks!

Vera Boycheva

You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Camera maestro!

Tanya Petkova

You are our Light, with which you skillfully guide us through time, and we follow the path of Your human virtue!

Respect to your work that enthralls, captivates, grabs the attention of the reader-follower and holds it during your Great Journeys!

Your creativity is unmatched!!!

Marinka Filipova

Dear Photo Moments fans,

Dear travelers,

Dear friends,

Another outstanding year has passed!

A year full of amazing photo moments - discovered, experienced, captured and shared with you, my magnificent audience!

This year was so special! It was definitely different from the previous ones in an incomparable way, because in 2022 I created my website "Photo Moments" and the world became different - somehow more magical and colorful and good, filled with deep and warm feelings and with many, many love!

Trust me, I've been thinking a lot about how to bring together and showcase all those posts that have deeply touched and moved us over the past twelve months, and here's my photo journey that I'm now sharing with you!

Because the road is more cheerful and shorter when it is shared with faithful companions!

All of you, my charming and captivating audience, have been by my side and accompanied me through all my journeys, for which I am eternally grateful!

You also constantly reacted with my emotions - my tremors were your tremors, my feelings were your feelings, my songs were your songs, my sunshine was your sunshine, my smiles were your smiles, my joy was and your joy, and you expressed all these emotions through your unique comments! That is why I will now remind you of some of them!

As you probably already guessed, "Photo Moments" is not like other sites!

"Photo Moments" is unique in its own and amazing way!

Here you will find impressive photo moments, beautiful video clips and wonderful stories - filled with warm emotions that grab you, pull you out of the gray everyday life, show you wonderful places in an incomparable way, tell about long-forgotten heroes and past and faded events.

At the very beginning of 2022, we welcomed the sunrise of Epiphany together!

Sunrise on Epiphany

I offered you my love through beauty, and you received it, amplified it many times over, and returned it to me through your emotionally charged comments:

The perfect place at the perfect time...

And a talent to keep it for us too!

Hristina Ilieva – Tiropoli

The frosty January days faded away, and I told you about a forgotten Bulgarian general, whose story touched and shook you deeply - it was a story about the "Momina" villa in Hisarya!

Villa "Momina" in Hisarya - the home of General Todor Markov. It was later converted into a rehabilitation center for children with kidney and liver diseases

The post received thousands of likes on social networks, raised many questions, was shared hundreds of times, and you literally poured out your feelings:

Very nice story! Thank you! Hisarya is full of beautiful but abandoned houses with huge yards. I always wonder what the history of their owners was, do they have heirs. It's downright depressing to walk past the cracked and gaping windows and weedy yards. I wonder if central properties in a resort abroad would be allowed in such a condition...

Veneta Todorova

An outstanding story and an extremely beautiful building that needs to be saved!!!

Dafinka Draganova

The writing moved me very much! WONDERFUL people lived on our lands, but we modern people, what are we doing!?

Thank you very much for the pleasure you gave me!

Liliana Hristakieva

Mr. Ivanov, I reread the story several times, I felt pain for the fate of this family. Looking at the devastation makes my heart sink. I was speechless! Why? Why? I ask myself many questions and look for an explanation, and yet why? Thank you! The described story can touch any heart! Be blessed, healthy and happy!

Masha Popivanova

You have put in a lot of work! I enjoyed reading it! There are many buildings in Hisarya left like that...neither maintained nor sold, just falling down. Sad.

Pavel Shondev

I re-read the story of the general, his dear, about the past splendor of the house, I remember the small archaeological museum of the town, the parks, the fortress... My heart hurts! Thanks for the nice text and facts.

Liliana Ivanova

Thanks for sharing the story of this house with us. A story that makes me feel proud of the children that mother Bulgaria has given birth to! It's a shame that this has been forgotten. Thanks for the effort you put into learning more about the house and everything about it! Thanks for sharing it!

Elka Tsekleova

At the beginning of February and in spite of the cold, gray, gloomy, overcast weather outside, we walked around the Rosarium park in Kazanlak, and from the green, sunny and colorful photo moments, the queen rose smiled at us!

Park "Rosarium" in Kazanlak

I was speechless! Such a beauty!

Great pictures!

Svetlana Bozhikova

And then I opened new horizons before us, starting a new series "Seasons"!

Do you remember?

"Burning Ginkgo" - author Stefan from "Photo Moments" (

As in life... at one moment your soul is gray, cold and foggy... and suddenly the sun shines, the clouds float away, the eyes sparkle, the soul sings... Thank you very much for the wonderful composition! And what kind of feeling did you have while creating?

Svetlana Petkova

Along with "Seasons", I also amazed you with the "Panoramas" series, a part of which is this panorama of "Silistar" beach!

The Rock Gate and Silistar Beach - author Stefan from Photo Moments (

What a beauty! Nature is a great artist!

Thanks for showing us this perfection!

Stoika Georgieva

In the month of March, I took you under the overgrown arches of the New Kemer in the Medet pass!

The new camera in the Medet pass

Beautiful bridge 😊

Mitko Delibatov

Very interesting place! Thanks for introducing us to these sights!!!

Christina Savova

Another such a wonderful walk you have organized for us! A wonderful account of the legends associated with the New Kemer and its factual history... You captured a picturesque scenery in the Medet Pass, surrounding the old bridge... Thank you for sharing the unique photo moments showing the remarkably beautiful Kemer Bridge and the nearby historical and natural objects! Respect for making us think about the next route...

Marinka Filipova

Thank you for the comprehensive and informative photo-narrative - a ready route for the next excursion through the innumerable beauties of our beautiful homeland!

Tatyana Yolova

Together we passed under the spectacular arches of the Miraculous Bridges in the Rhodopes!

Wonderful bridges - author Stefan from "Photo Moments" (

Nature is great, but the photographer is also a magician!

Elena Stamenova

Unique photos... You captured so much beauty! Thanks for sharing them.

Beautiful day. Looking forward to a new meeting.

Dafina Nikolova

Greenery and beauty, breathtaking and caressing the eye. Amazing nature!

Thank you for the exciting photos! Be blessed and happy!

Masha Popivanova

In April, together we raised the flag of Volov from combat Verigovo!

The flag of the Volov troop in the church "St. Vmchk. Dimitar" in "Verigovo" in Hisarya - author Stefan from "Photo moments" (

Many thanks for what you do: to preserve the Bulgarian memory!

Nedka Staneva

Thanks for the story of the April Uprising! I read with interest!

The photos are gorgeous! What Bulgarians there were!

Veselin Atanasova

Once again, thank you for the series you are publishing... May the Bulgarian spirit be revived, and its faith, which is almost lost, return!!!

Be healthy and continue with the same enthusiasm to awaken the traditionally strong spirit - BULGARIAN!!!

Marinka Filipova

Wonderful colors! Beautiful pictures 👏

Mitko Delibatov

At the beginning of May, we went on an adventure along the "Belitsa - Cave" eco-trail.

Eco-path "Belitsa - Cave" - author Stefan from "Photo moments" (

You have described the "Belitsa - Cave" eco-trail very accurately and in detail. I have memories and photos from there last fall. The place is suitable for a one-day stay for relaxation.

Elisaveta Ivanova

Great trip! A wonderful, detailed, science-based narrative with in-depth knowledge. Phenomenal beautiful photo moments!!! Thank you for sharing the magnificent photo views. Respect!!!

Marinka Filipova

On May 24, we officially launched "Photo Moments" with an extraordinary journey filled with faith, hope and love, during which we realize that all photo moments and in general all moments in our lives exist because they exist and always will exist "The Word ".

Hands hold a heart of stone - author Stefan from "Photo Moments" (

Happy holiday! 🎉 I wish you a lot of health and courage!

I will follow the posts with pleasure! (as usual)

La Damme

Well done! Great idea and excellent execution! What is written remains! Let your photos awaken people's desire to discover and get to know the amazing places in Bulgaria! To be!

Miranda Miranda

Happy holiday! Your site is a wonderful gift for today's memorable day! A true feast for the senses and the soul! Thanks!

Vera Boycheva


We are waiting for more and more fantastic PHOTO MOMENTS! 🙂

👍 🍀❤️🍀

Van Geor

Good luck, Steph! The site is great - full of color and thought and lots of taste!! Happy holiday!

Diana Georgieva

Happy holiday! I follow your posts with interest and admire what you do! Good luck!

Gergana Gancheva

Respect to the text, to the attached photos, to the idea of publishing it in this magnificent way! Thank you! May you have many followers to multiply the Great Word!

Marinka Filipova

Happy holiday! You have a talent for photos and writing! With you we visit and learn new places and their history. Thanks for the pleasant moments.

Pavlina Ilieva

A wonderful journey. I congratulate you on the wonderful idea. God bless more people like you. You are a true Bulgarian. Go ahead!

Lily Dulgerova

It was worth the wait! I can't wait to see all the pictures. That's an awesome lot of work and talent! Thanks! Happy holiday! 🍀🍀🍀

Victoria Banova

And the magic continued - we magically walked along the "Kingdom of the Verdigo" eco-trail near the charming village of Kondolovo in the heart of Strandzha!

Strandja periwinkle (Rhododendron ponticum), photographed along the "Kingdom of the Periwinkle" eco-trail near the village of Kondolovo in Strandja

Thank you for an amazing trip! Beautiful photo and video material! Unique fantastic plant species! Wild nature! All of this is highly energizing!

Marinka Filipova

Blessed be you!!!

Marie ZD

We were mesmerized by the majestic wisteria of "Vasiliko"!

Blooming wisteria in the center of the "Vasiliko" district in the city of Tsarevo

Wow, like waterfalls! Unearthly! 😍 Thank you! 🌞

Nevin Kavaldzhieva

Thank you very much for the unearthly beauty that emanates from your incredible photo moments! And yes, I could smell the gorgeous wisteria! 🍀🥀🌺

Mariyana Stoeva

Good Saturday morning! You have once again transported us to the magical world of spring with the beauty of blooming, fragrant wisteria. Once again you enchanted, captivated and loaded us with your magnificent photo paintings! Thank you for making me part of this miraculous walk!!! A beautiful, sunny day!

Marinka Filipova

Together we experienced the legend of Stana Urdovizka!

The monument of Stana Urdovizka near Atliman Bay in the town of Kiten

Thank you for the legend of my favorite bay Atliman, I have been coming here for so many years, but I did not know this story! With your permission I would like to share it with my friends!

Stanka Staykova

Good morning and a wonderful, successful day filled with many happy moments! Magnificent legend, magnificent journey, unique photo moments! Thank you for sharing this interesting story, proving what wonderful, smart, brave women there were in our lands!

Marinka Filipova

Good morning and a beautiful sunny day! Have a successful and happy new week! Thank you for the wonderful photos and the fascinating story about this amazing Bulgarian woman! This is an author's photo - sunset over the Danube! Be healthy and show us many more photo moments! 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

Together we gave a flying start to the summer season from Sinemorets, enjoying the golden beach "Veleka" from above!

"Veleka" beach near Sinemorets from above

👍 Thanks for another exceptional experience! 🌸🌸🌸

Van Geor

Unique! Wonderful! Wild and beautiful! THANK YOU! I remain speechless before your magical photo moments! THANK YOU again!!! 🌺

Mariyana Stoeva

It was great 🙂 beauty and

wonderful vast blue.

It's like I'm there for a while, I hear the waves of the sea...

I turn around, the water on my stove is boiling, I sank into blue depths again 😂

Thanks 🙂

Nice day ☀️

Dimitar Manolov

Good morning, wonderful Stefan Ivanov, I wish you many more beautiful places and photographs to capture!!!

Rositsa Ivanova

You took me to another world, if only for a little while! I heard the waves and marveled at the wonderful footage you share! Thank you! It is important to have eyes to see beauty everywhere, You can do it!

Julia Kostadinova

Thanks for our magical BULGARIAN beauties, yiiiiii

especially for the many poppies blooming on the sand ❤️🇧🇬 🌹

Veselina Alexandrova

Together we explored the royal palace in Banya, Karlovsko!

palace "The House" or just the "Royal House" in Banya, Karlovo

A very enjoyable read with your morning coffee!

Elena Dimova

Good morning! Thank you for the fascinating and interesting story and the beautiful photos from the Palace! I wish you an amazing and wonderful day with lots of smiles and emotions!!! 🌺🌺🌺

Mariyana Stoeva

We visited Missy's palace on the azure coast of Balchik and its unique gardens!

Missi's Palace in Balchik

Good morning! A wonderful sunny, smiling and healthy Sunday! Divine, unique beauty! One is left not only breathless, but also speechless! Thank you for the beautifully chosen words in the explanatory narrative. Thank you for the unique photo moments, including magnificent panels of colors, for the variety of different plant species, the amazing rock garden! What you do with your travels is spectacular and is an event of a very high, creative level and thinking!

Marinka Filipova

As always, the history of the Botanical Garden is conveyed with great professionalism and accompanied by magnificent photographs. Thanks for the wonderful walk.

Lily Dulgerova

I live in Varna and I have been to Balchik Palace at least 50 times!

But no one, like you, has conveyed the beauty of this heavenly corner in such an exciting way!

You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Camera maestro!

Tanya Petkova

Your photos are amazing!

When I go to this fabulous place, I don't take pictures because I have never been able to see its true beauty in my pictures. They are still missing something. But you have managed to capture the beauty and the emotion. Congratulations!

Radost Dimitrova

Beautiful photos, nice colors and beautiful flowers! Thank you that through your amazing talent and art I was able to enjoy the Balchik Botanical Garden!

Mariyana Stoeva

Impressive, magical beauty! You never betray your amazing style for a wonderful story and description, for the way you present us your magical photographs. Thank you for the amazing presentation of Queen Mary's unique summer residence.

Marinka Filipova

From the seashore, we moved to the beautiful Sarnena Sredna gora and enjoyed a small but so charming jewel – the dam near Babek!

The dam near the village of Babek in Sarnena Sredna Gora

Nice and controversial day from me ☀️🙋‍♀️

And thank you for the wonderful walk through this magical BULGARIAN NATURE ❤️🇧🇬 🌹

Veselina Alexandrova

Good morning! Thank you for the wonderful pictures and information! I would love to be there! Great beauty! I wish you a nice day!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞

Elka Kazanovska

It's like you're leading someone blindfolded by the hand! Wonderful story, unique description! I sympathized!

Kalina Borisova

An idyll! As a ray of light and hope in these dark times!

Maria Verrier

Good morning! Thank you for the wonderful photos and the fascinating story! One wishes to be there to enjoy the unique beauty! 🌼🌷🍀 I wish you a wonderful and happy day! 🌺🍀🥀

Mariyana Stoeva

Breathtaking pictures!!! You are amazing, Stefan! THANKS!!!

Veneta Kostova Vasileva

And then again at sea and this time by Cape Kaliakra.

Cape Kaliakra

Beauty, beauty! Just drink in beauty with your eyes and your heart and enjoy! Thanks!

Dimi Markova

Respect for the interesting story and the incredibly beautiful, masterfully selected photo moments! Thank you for the daily work you put in to satisfy the refined taste of your followers!

Marinka Filipova

Good morning! Unique and beautiful! THANK YOU for the fascinating story and the incredible beauty that emanates from your unique photos - the blue sky merged with the turquoise-blue sea - really great beauty! THANK YOU! 🌷🌼🌺

Mariyana Stoeva

We also visited "Irakli" beach.

Irakli Beach

If we start with rankings, we will inadvertently offend some of your magnificent, fantastic, enriched with the natural color palette of nature and very skillfully reflected with your magical eye, so all your photo moments and posts are GORGEOUS!!!

Marinka Filipova

After that we returned to our favorite lake in Sochtinska Sredna Gora near the village of Panagyurski Colonies.

Blooming water lily in the lake of Panagyurski Colony village

I really like this place and its calmness and timelessness. ❤️

They are wonderful, created by you with a lot of love and skill. 🌅

Elena Stamenova

An extremely impressive story! A very relaxing walk! Breathtaking photo moments! Thank you for sharing unique photos that create a sense of calm and harmony. A wonderful and very successful week! We expect your educational work to continue in the same spirit and success!!!

Marinka Filipova

We lived my dream – the white lighthouse of Ahtopol!

The White Lighthouse of Ahtopol

Thanks for the ride today! I can sit for hours on the rocks and watch the play of the waves and the pride of the lighthouse that soothes, soothes and caresses them gently but sternly. I hope for new experiences with the Ahtopol lighthouse! Nice day!

Margarita Kostadinova

Great photos - especially the one with the poppies and hidden behind the rocks 😍

Mitko Delibatov

And then we met the sunrises in "Vasiliko"!

Sunrise captured near the Vasiliko district of the city of Tsarevo

Beautiful, magical, amazing,!

Elsa Stavreva

Thank you for... endless sea sunrises with smiling colors!!!

Unique photos and capturing moments!!!

Maria Slavova

Breathtaking beauty! Thanks for the wonderful photos from the heavenly corner in Tsarevo💙🌊

Vesela Kirvikova

Incredibly beautiful, amazing sunrises and a wonderful view! How many times I'm out of breath! Very beautiful shots and thank you for all the beauty 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Elka Kazanovska

Fairy magic! Unique photo moments with magnetic power! Thank you for the shared fabulous beauty, charming every follower of yours - sailor!!!

Marinka Filipova

We walked around the green park "Rila" near Dupnitsa.

Park "Rila" near Dupnitsa

As always, the photos in the album are captured and shared with great skill and taste! 👏💖 I never get tired of looking at your fabulous creations and traveling with you in the world of beauty! 🤩

Ganka Gugova

Thanks for the info and the amazing ride! Wonderful flora and fauna, very beautiful!! How little I have seen of our country! Thank you for this magical trip 🌞🌞🌞

Elka Kazanovska

We saw the arch in Tyulenovo, under which the waves crashed.

The arch in Tyulenovo

An amazing natural landmark is the rock phenomenon near Tyulenovo! Through your magnificent photo moments, the picturesque coast looks incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing the amazing photo paintings! I wish you health and a smiling, wonderful day!

Marinka Filipova

It is very beautiful and wonderful there! Thank you for showing us these beautiful places!

Ivan Spirov

Extremely beautiful shots, great charm! Enchanting! For what time! Thank you! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Elka Kazanovska

We recited my love lyric walking along the scenic shore.

Obzor beach

Unique photos! THANK YOU for the wonderful photo moments - you so skillfully convey the sunset, during the day the kiss of the sea with the blue sky! Wonderful, unique! You are a unique photographer! 🌼🌼🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

Beautiful photo sketches with a breath of the sea and lots of positive emotions! And the poems create a very romantic atmosphere. Thanks!

Zhaneta Ivanova

My first publication published in a foreign media is out of print.

Stefan from "Photo Moments" reads "Roden Glas" magazine

Congratulations, Your soul and heart is photography! What you express through story and photos is a calling that is never late, like RECOGNITION!!! Be healthy and confident that we are expecting many more impressive journeys and an unearthly, breathtaking color palette of photo moments!!! With great respect for your overall vision of inexhaustible energy for making dreams come true and satisfaction with what has been achieved and striving for the unknown!!!

Marinka Filipova

Congratulations! You deserve it because you are very good at what you do!

Rositsa Nikolova

Well done! Congratulations! I wish you many future successes and great discoveries to share and delight us. ❤️❤️❤️

Slavemira Kurudzhieva

I am glad from the bottom of my heart that your work and patriotism find a response outside of Bulgaria, which you reflect in the most beautiful way through your remarkable photographs! 👍🌞🥰🍀🌹

Pauline Degree

There is a lot of beauty in what you show and tell! 🥰

Let more people see and read it! 🍀🤩

I wish you more success! 🌞

Katya Ferdinandova

Well done! Congratulations! You really deserve it because you are a unique photographer and a wonderful storyteller of bygone times!

I wish you a wonderful and sunny day! 🌼🌼🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

Sincere greetings,

for your noble and patriotic activity in promoting our culture, historical heritage and folk customs!

Peter Guselev

The spirit of the Bulgarian is strong and cannot be buried and destroyed, especially when there are Bulgarians who fight for it!

Krustinka Chakarova

We gave free rein to the child in us and played together in the "Grandfather's Glove" park in the town of Zlatitsa.

Park "Grandfather's Glove" in the city of Zlatitsa

Next destination for a walk with the grandchildren, both close and fun and educational for young and old!

Thanks for the photo walk!

Latina Petrishka

Wonderful, thank you for the nice tale that took me back to my childhood!! I wish you a nice day 🌞🌞🌞🌞

Elka Kazanovska

Again and again with innovative and creative ideas!!! The photo moments of the wonderful Bulgarian fairy tale captured by you are unique and uniquely phenomenal! I hope that they will be seen by the right people and are the reason for the revival of a large part of our Bulgarian folk art... Thank you for the shared idea and the love with which you transform your ideas!!!

Marinka Filipova

My beautiful country!!! There is no place in the world to compare it to, nor one to replace it for! Thank you for awakening and maintaining these feelings in me! Be healthy!

Willy Willy

We drank from the "Fountain of Love" and remained forever in love!

The spring of love in the village of Govedartsi, Samokov municipality

A fantastic legend retold in the most magnificent way by you! I will be glad if you also drank water from the "Fountain of Love"!!! And as for the photo moments accompanying the story, they are unearthly beautiful, exquisite jewels of your photographs. Thank you for sharing beautiful thoughts and immensely beautiful photo moments! Respect!

Marinka Filipova

We admired the beauties from the "Dospat" panoramic platform.

View from the panoramic platform "Dospat"

Unearthly, adorable, amazing photo moments! Captivating, breathtaking, miraculous views! Thank you for sharing unique photos! Only the best photographer can do that, in the best way possible! Thank you for showing us the unique Bulgarian magical mystery and spectacular natural beauty!!! Be healthy and still highly creative to show us your unique photographic gift – talent! Respect!!!

Marinka Filipova

It's like a picture...

Mariela Villanova

We bowed our heads in humility in front of the Assumption Church in the village of Shiroka Laka.

Assumption Church in the village of Shiroka Laka

How much beauty there is in Broadbow. ❤️

A Great Story Made by a Great People! These are the unique, real Bulgarians! Thank you for sharing the story and especially for the special photo album! Respect for the photo moments of the Assumption Church.

Marinka Filipova

We did not stop taking healthy walks around our most beloved Hisarya!

The main southern gate "The Camels" of the ancient city of Diocletianopol

Grand, majestic Hisarya photo album! Unsurpassed, you are a great master photographer! I watched the unique, highly impressive photo moments and videos with great interest! All the posts are unearthly beautiful, exquisite and are occasions for your shared creativity and artistic talent! Thank you for being able to bring joy and pride that we know you virtually and respectfully follow your posts and amazing photo moments!!! And Hisarya photo album is one of the peaks of your photographic creativity!

Marinka Filipova

We enjoyed the majestic slopes of Rila from the Black Rock!

View from the Black Rock near Borovets

Phenomenal, breathtaking, miraculous views! The beauty of Rila is indescribable in words, this can only be shown by your camera through your sense of a wonderful master photographer! What you show us is so divine, captivating and worthy to take a place in every heart that loves our beautiful nature! Thank you for sharing the unique photo moments! Respect for your work and many successful future artistic projects!

Marinka Filipova

We enjoyed the peace and quiet in the Batkun Monastery!

Batkun spiritual monastery "St. St. Peter and Paul"

You have once again captured a beautiful corner of Bulgaria! Unfortunately unknown to me until now! You challenge me with these beautiful pictures and information! Thanks and keep it up! You are helpful!

Kalina Borisova

We felt cold mountain air near the ruins of an early Byzantine basilica in the village of Gela.

Ruins of an early Byzantine basilica in the village of Gela

When I look at your photo moments, it's like nature comes alive in front of me. Thanks!

Emilia Stoimenova

You have told a great story! The photo moments from the village of Gela and its surroundings are unearthly beautiful and fill everyone who looks at them with great fascination! Thank you for the shared historical facts, for walking us to the Basilica and showing us with great skill a part of the Great Rhodope Mountain! It was an amazing, amazing journey! Respect to your work as a GREAT storyteller and incredibly talented photographer!

Marinka Filipova

We got off the train at Koprivshtitsa station.

Koprivshtitsa railway station

Thanks for the wonderfully presented information!

Emilia Simonova

Thank you for the wonderful science-geography journey! You can always learn something new, something different and very interesting. A unique, very fascinating story. I was very impressed by the rich architecture of Koprivshtitsa station and the objects located near it. And the photo moments you captured are incredibly beautiful! Respect for your work as a photographer and an excellent storyteller. Your creativity is amazing!

Marinka Filipova

We looked at the village of Kostenets from above and were speechless by its beauty!

Kostenets village from above

Unique, useful historical information!

Charming, magnificent, majestic views - these are your meaningful and immeasurably beautiful photo moments! Thank you for sharing the charming text, video and artwork, mind-blowing photographs!!!

I wish you respect and absolute success!!!

Marinka Filipova

In-depth historical narrative and, as always, uniquely beautiful photo moments!

Emilia Simonova

I told you about the first popular wake-up call - Paisius!

Monument to Paisii Hilendarski in the village of Dospey, Samokov municipality

Happy holiday to a modern alarm clock! 🍀

Mariana Turgeneva

Happy holiday! You are an inspiration! Sincerely!👏👏👏🍀

Marina Ivanova

Happy holiday, conscious alarm clock!!! I call you so because every day awakening in us, Your followers, love for our rich history and our extremely impressive, unearthly beautiful nature!!! Thank you for sharing the wonderful photo moments, the wonderful narration in the stories and the wonderful virtual journeys! Paisius awakens an entire people to a new life with his history, you awaken the Bulgarian's love for a family and a beautiful Motherland! Respect for your tireless work!

Marinka Filipova

We watched the genius Mincho Katsarov create to the sounds of the great Beethoven!

"Beethoven conducts the orchestra" by Mincho Katsarov, photography by Stefan from "Photo Moments" (

Unique, touching and very useful information! A masterpiece that combines a wonderful text and original photos - paintings! An incredible piece of work, rendered in an extremely impressive way! Respect for your work as a photographer and lyricist!!! We are waiting for you to embark on another, new challenge! Bow!!!

Marinka Filipova

The statement that the CREATOR of the future is the ARTIST of the present also applies to the artist Mincho Katsarov - AN IMPRESSIVE LANDSCAPE ARTIST, PORTRAITIST! BEETHOVEN'S PORTRAITS ARE UNBEATEN TO THIS DAY! THE GENIUS KATSAROV paints a MAGNIFICENT GENIUS BEETHOVEN! Thank you 💐🎨💖

Lubomira Savova

Your work and this sensuality of yours are exceptional. I didn't know the artist until that moment and I am grateful to you for sharing!

Last night, in the "Bulgaria" hall, under the baton of the outstanding conductor Georgi Dimitrov, I experienced a real catharsis with Beethoven's work "Christ on the Mount of Olives".

and your beautifully written article "came" to me this morning!

Your mastery of capturing beauty through the lens is high, and now I am convinced of your talent to handle words as well.

Heartfelt THANKS for sharing!

Detelina Minkova

Congratulations on the beautifully presented and new to me information! Thanks! Tribute to the memory and creativity of the genius Mincho Katsarov!

Krastinka Dimitrova

I am extremely grateful to you for the creation of exceptional and very successful work! Your article is amazing! Such parallelism in the consideration of two genius creators is a great challenge! Respect! You have succeeded to the highest degree, thereby contributing to the eternity of the great art of the genius Beethoven and the portraitist - the genius artist Mincho Katsarov! A lot of work and a lot of challenge, all this, you have managed to craft in the most impressive and good way! Thank you! Admirations for the wonderful information shared! Keep up the good work and creativity in the field of photography and text!

Marinka Filipova

But it's a lot of work!

Congratulations on everything!

Thanks to you, I learned about this great artist and his life presented in this interesting way!

Thank you!

Kalina Boyadzhieva

Thanks for the tremendous work and valuable information!

Emilia Simonova

Admirations for the wonderful story that introduced us to a GREAT BULGARIAN 🤍💚❤️👏👏👏

Happy holiday to all artists and creators 🤍💚❤️🇧🇬🌹🌹🌹

Veselina Alexandrova

Admirations and thanks for the submitted information with the art of these great talents! 🙏❤️

Eli Ilcheva

First of all congratulations on what you have created! Amazing work and wonderful result! Art is truly eternal! I have seen portraits of this genius artist of ours, but I read this interesting material with interest! God takes but always compensates! Once again, my admirations!

Kalina Borisova

I really enjoyed this post. With great interest, I read the information presented in this way about this great artist of ours, who can be a source of pride for every Bulgarian.

This man is kissed by fate. And his work should be studied in school. Thank you most heartily for what you have done and represented for this great artist. It will probably generate a lot of interest among readers.

Dimi Markova

Another pearl in the photo crown! Very rich and well balanced between text and pictures material! Well done! If you allow, I will share it!

Diana Georgieva

Together with autumn we sang "Orange autumn"!

Beech forests above the village of Panagyurski colonies in autumn

Words are sometimes superfluous...

We look and enjoy the amazing colors and photo moments with which you make us empathize...

Thank you! 🤗🍀

Good health and many more shared moments and creative successes! 🤗🍀

Eli Ilcheva

Orange wonderful photo moments!

Emilia Simonova

Beautiful colors!... 🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🧡

Eli Ilcheva

Fantastic, incredibly beautiful photo moments!!! And the text accompanying the gorgeous orange drawings is amazing! Thank you, thank you for the wonderful mood you create with the unearthly and bewitching Bulgarian magic reflected in your phenomenal photo paintings!!!

Respect for the Greatness of the gift you possess! Good luck with your creative ideas and future projects!!!

Marinka Filipova

We learned the incredible history of the sunken church "St. Ivan Rilski" near the "Zhrebchevo" dam.

The Sunken Church "St. Ivan Rilski" near the "Zhrebchevo" Reservoir

Amazingly described and presented photo moments!!! ☺️

Stefan Hadjev Photography

The photo album is wonderful as always complete with interesting and comprehensive historical facts! I enjoyed looking through and reading everything again! Thank you for sharing! 🤩

Ganka Gugova

Charming and invigorating... Wonderful, once again... 👌❤️🇧🇬

Eli's Photos

Thank you very much for the wonderful story, supported by quotes from the Bible and photos! You are a talented artist!

Veneta Konstantinova

Bow! I have watched many videos and photographs of the sunken church "St. Ivan Rilski", but the article, padded with quotes from the Bible, which you wrote, is a review of what every patriot would like to learn in detail!!! You have managed to touch the heart of every person with what you have posted. With the impactful, magnificent and real photo moments, you once again show your strong sense of creativity, patriotism and conviction in what you do with great interest and talent!!! Thank you!!!

Marinka Filipova

We experienced the extraordinary history of the buried church "Saint Dimitar" in the village of Patalenitsa!

The buried church "Saint Dimitar" in the village of Patalenitsa

Through you I make excursions to unknown and beautiful places in Bulgaria! Continue please! Nice day!

Sonya Prodanova

Simply unique!

And the place itself, and the church, and the story!

Great pictures!

Thank you once again that, albeit virtually, we can be your companions on the exciting roads that take you to known and unknown wonderful places! 🍀❤🍀

Zlatina Muchovska

I had heard about the buried church. Now I also feel great happiness through you and to look at it. Thanks for the story that takes me there to the church itself. Thanks!

Christina Demireva

Thanks for sharing!

Stay healthy and continue to enlighten us with the photos and finds from the depths of our history.

Blessed be you!

Milkana Dimova

Very nice pictures as well as stories you told. It was very interesting to me! And the church is impressive! I hadn't even heard of its existence. Definitely worth a visit.

Zlatka Kondeva

A story told in a magnificent way! Thanks!

Emilia Simonova

Amazing, fantastic legends! You dedicated a wonderful story to us!!! The buried church in Patalenica has an exceptional history! The photo moments that you captured and offered to our attention are unearthly beautiful, authentic and touch the soul. Thank you for sharing a new challenge that touches the heart and reminds us of our Great History! It is also great that you take care of our intellectual and spiritual growth on a daily basis through your meaningful posts and amazing photo moments! Respect!

Marinka Filipova

We admired the beautiful church near the village of Viden.

The ruins of the sunken church near the village of Viden, Pavel Banya municipality

Again, amazing narration and beautifully captured photo moments!!!

Stefan Hadjev Photography

You are our Light, with which you skillfully guide us through time, and we follow the path of Your human virtue! Thank you for sharing the wonderful photo moments and the excellent story about the history of St. Athanasius Church! Respect to your work that enthralls, captivates, grabs the attention of the reader-follower and holds it during your Great Journeys! Your creativity is unmatched!!!

Marinka Filipova

Another wonderful place and a unique story about its history and at the same time very sad about what happened to it in time, as well as the fate of the sunken church near Zhrebchevo.

Thank you again for a great ride! 🍀💞🍀

Zlatina Muchovska

Very sad but told in a unique way, impressive as always!!! Respect boy for all you do to win us over emotionally!!!!

Dora Muncheva

You always manage to touch my heart! Your speech is amazing! You tell a lively and fascinating story, and the photos are unique! Thanks!

Vera Boycheva

I read and seem to catch the spirit of another time... Wonderful, Great! Thanks!

Emilia Simonova

Your posts are always interesting and well presented! Admirations!

Violeta Kostova

Together we explored the village of Raduil.

Raduil village

Thanks for the fascinating story and the wonderful photos! Once again you prove yourself as an amazing storyteller and a skilled photographer! Have a healthy and peaceful evening! 🌼🌼🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

So much beauty!

Amazing walk!

You have captured amazing photo moments, and the narrative that accompanies them is simply a pleasure for the senses and the soul.

I am also impressed by the village of Raduil and the detour to the Black Rock and the Kostensky waterfall - unique beyond words.

You really created such a sunny mood in the gloomy rainy day.

Thanks! 🙂❤🍀

Zlatina Muchovska

Incredible beauty. I have not been there, but the walk with the story is unique. Well done! Be healthy and continue to delight us with the beautiful places in Bulgaria!

Slavka Dimova

I got to know another corner of our country, showing beauty from nature and human work, idyllic, unadulterated and a lot of history.

Penka Atanasova

We visited the modest village of Bozhenitsa.

The old bridge over the Bebresh River in the village of Bozhenitsa

There are many wonders in the world, but the greatest wonders are found in your home country!

My wonderland and beauty is BULGARIA! ❤️🤩

Ganka Gugova

You are an amazing storyteller! Thanks!

Emilia Simonova

Bulgaria always in the heart! ❤️

Mariana Villanova

Your love is passed on to us. Keep up your noble work.

Dimi Markova

We experienced the last days of "Bozhenishki Urvich" fortress!

Fortress "Bozhenishki Urvich"

Exclusive historical information of high value related to "Bozhenishki Urvich" fortress! This is what is unique about you, that you very faithfully present the facts of our Great History collected with exceptional, in-depth analysis. And the photo moments that you have captured are with an amazing, captivating, immeasurably beautiful color palette!!! A strong magic that makes you intoxicated and with great pleasure and curiosity await your next and next step with a masterfully selected video clip or photo moment! Thank you with a deep bow and I apologize for daring to comment on the Greatness you have posted...... Respect and looking forward to future, similar projects!

Marinka Filipova

Thank you for visiting this sacred place with you!

All your photo moments are wonderful!

Keep it up! Bow!

Stefanka Gecheva

Thanks for the comprehensive story and the unique photo moments!

Emilia Simonova

Thank you for once again giving us a virtual opportunity to peek behind the fortress walls of yet another historical landmark! 👏😲

Tanya Nikolaeva

Every Bulgarian should visit this place, which has preserved a part of our history!

How many of today's children know his story?

Not only for the troubled and rebellious time, but also for the love of Ognyan and Bozhena.

Glorious story!

Maya Velichkova

Boyars and brave Bulgarian men in defense of Bulgaria. We can only be proud of their feats. Thank you for an exceptionally beautiful photo moment, expressed in a photo and a memorable, exciting story!

Masha Popivanova

A wonderful and historic destination! Thank you for the wonderful photo moments that take the viewer's breath away and for such a fascinating story with which you captivate us from the first line to the last! Be healthy and I wish you a wonderful, warm and cozy evening with loved ones! 🌼🌷🌼🌷🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

Beautiful views, fill our souls with beauty.

Dimi Markova

Unique and magical beauty!

Mariyana Stoeva

We marveled at the modest Balkan and the "Dushantsi" dam.

Reflection of the Balkans in the waters of the Dushantsi Dam

A more unique and fantastic way to reflect the beauty and grandeur of the Old Balkans is not possible!!!

Thank you for sharing the incredibly enchanting photo moments full of unearthly beauty! The photo album is an expression of your Great skill of painting with the brush of a Great Master-Artist, with which you are constantly at the top of the charts of your followers! Admirations for who you are and what you do!!!

Good luck and we are waiting for you every day!!!

Marinka Filipova

Admiring all your photo moments is an understatement. I watch, we love each other and I feel the spray from the waterfalls!

Masha Popivanova

An incredible walk in the Srednogorie region!

Each place is unique in itself.

Wonderful photo moments from the "Dushantsi" dam, from the village of Anton, from the town of Zlatitsa, and all the accompanying beautiful detours.

Once again, you have chosen a unique route and captured the majestic beauty of our nature! 🍀

Zlatina Muchovska

Text and photos – beauty, grace, magnificence and style!!! Thanks for the pleasure of starting my day with something so wonderful and inspiring!

Vera Boycheva

Majestic beauty captured masterfully and with love. Corners wonderful, invisible!

Dimi Markova


Lubomira Savova

Congratulations! I look with interest at our beautiful Motherland through your eyes!

Keep making us happy! 🍀🎄🏂❄️❄️

Miss Grozeva

Good morning! Thank you for the unique photos and fascinating story!

This is how my day starts with your beautiful photo moments!

I wish you a beautiful and smiling winter day! 🌼🌷🌼🌷🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

Thanks! This is our Balkan! It is exactly as seen in the pictures!

Every summer I enjoy and admire him!

Elena Ivanova

Great photo moments! Thank you!

Mariyana Stoeva

Well done! The proud Balkan is really beautiful!! The photos are amazing!!

Neli Tsvetkova

Incomparable, with majestic beauty photo moments!!! Fantastic, picturesque, real and unearthly, breathtakingly miraculous natural features! Thank you for sharing unique views! Paintings with impactful color palettes only you can recreate in this magnificent way!!! Keep creating and still successfully perpetuating the beauty of the fabulous Bulgarian magic.

Marinka Filipova

This is one of my favorite albums, full of fabulous and adorable photo moments! Thank you for giving us so much beauty and wonderful emotions every day! 🤩❤️

Ganka Gugova

We visited the Roman bridge in the village of Turia.

Roman bridge "Skokat" in the village of Turia

An impressive story and unique photo moments! Thank you for the wonderful walk around our homeland, which has many ruins that tell about our centuries-old history! I wish you a pleasant and shared evening! 🌼🌼🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

With great interest I looked at the photo album "Rimski most" in the village of Turia. Unique beauty, respectful architecture and construction! Once again you immerse us in our historical past full of incredible treasures. Thank you for the shared authentic, Bulgarian values, in this case the Roman Bridge. Your virtual videos and incredibly beautiful photo moments enrich us daily with knowledge related to the past and present of our Motherland! Everything presented by you is very impressive, fascinating and always filled with incredible grace!!! Admirations to your entire activity, filled with a lot of warmth, love and with a high degree of creativity!!!

Marinka Filipova

And that if it is not a miracle of nature. And the man. Absolutely amazing.

God, what beauty there is in our wonderful country!

Dimi Markova

We heard the bell ringing on the clock tower in Botevgrad.

The clock tower in Botevgrad

Wonderful! Magical!

Mariyana Stoeva

I only saw the clock tower from the outside 40 years ago during a short visit to Botevgrad by road. Unfortunately, the tower was closed on the day and time of the visit.

And here, now I was given the opportunity to look at it from the inside.

Thanks to

Penka K. Atanasova

Many thanks for the interesting walk, combined with wonderful photos and history! One always learns something new.

Miteva Miteva

Thanks for the photo album and the story told. I was recently in Botevgrad and admired the tower, but now with your story I complete my impressions!

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Margarita Kostadinova

Wonderful photo moments and a fascinating story about the first citizen of Botevgrad! Thanks for the nice pictures, the virtual walk and the legend! I wish you a calm and quiet winter evening! 🌼🌷🌼🌷🌼

Mariyana Stoeva

A unique photo album with wonderful photo moments of the Clock Tower in Botevgrad! Thank you for the detailed historical facts and circumstances related to the construction of the clock tower. Incredibly beautiful with rich functionality and original design in old Bulgarian style, this is the symbol representing Botevgrad! Once again you captivated us with your creative ability to show something new, with not many known facts, but actually of high value for the general culture of each of your followers. Do not stop with your extremely high level of creativity in crafting every detail in your magnificent and favorite photo moments, videos and valuable texts! Admirations for what you achieve with a lot of love and work!

Marinka Filipova

The residents of Botevgrad must be PROUD OF THE BEAUTIFUL CLOCK TOWER! THE FINE DECORATION tells us that the tower was built with a great DESIRE for it to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CLOCK TOWER! THE TOP IS EXTREMELY BEAUTIFULLY SCULPTED! How did they put it up there! Thanks to photo moments, I also saw the tower from the inside. BRAVO to the people of Botevgrad for PRESERVING this ARCHITECTURAL MIRACLE UNTIL TODAY! 💖🍀💖

Lubomira Savova

I admire your ability not only to show us beautiful photo moments from different parts of Bulgaria, but also to tell impressive stories and legends! Thank you!

Masha Popivanova

Thank you God!

Thank you dear friends!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It's all because of you, all of this! You make this possible!

Be healthy, be inspired and inspire!

All this would not be possible without you, without your constant support, without your emotion, without your smile, without your "good morning", without your "good night"!

I'm moving forward with you! I keep going because of you!

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,


"Photo Moments"


I am too deeply excited…

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