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The sequoias of Yuchbunar

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

My dear friends, another very interesting, fascinating-curious and extremely beautiful walk is coming up. Together we will walk to Yuchbunar area near the village of Bogoslov and on the outskirts of Kyustendil.

The sequoias of Yuchbunar
On the trail to the sequoias

How to get here?

If you are in Kyustendil or the surrounding area, take the road to the village of Bogoslov, which is located after the turnoff for the fortress Hisarlaka.

Entering Bogoslov, you drive straight ahead, turning right on the Yuchbunar sign.

Soon the road will take you out of the village and you will enter a wonderful cool green forest. There is a large sign by the road and a small car park where you can stop and leave your car.

A small trail quickly descends to the sequoias grove, in just a minute and you will be in front of tall, impressive, centuries-old trees.

It all started more than 130 years ago, when the local forester Mr. Yordan Mitrev planted a group of sequoias here.

The sequoias of Yuchbunar

Giant sequoias are one of the largest and most majestic living organisms today.

Their lifespan can be up to 4,000 (four thousand) years, yielding longevity only to aspen pines, which are said to live up to 5,000 (five thousand) years and which are found in the dry mountains of the Sierra Nevada, USA.

In fact, the whole area is also a protected area, where it is forbidden to break branches, prune trees, damage their stems, or any other activity that threatens these majestic species, so be careful.

Here's a little more information about giant sequoias as a plant species.

The giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) originates as a species from the Sierra Nevada, California, USA, where these magnificent trees can be found naturally They are also known as California pines and are evergreen conifers of the cypress family.

Probably their name comes from the name of a leader of the Indian tribe that inhabited these areas - Cherokee.

The world's longest-lived tree of this species (Sequoiadendron giganteum) can be seen live today in the US Redwood National Park, named General Sherman and is believed to be between 2,300 and 2,700 years old, over 80 meters and has a circumference of nearly 8 meters.

The sequoias of Yuchbunar

Today, in the Yuchbunar area, three of the growing sequoias are visibly different from the others in their majestic size.

It is believed that currently these three sequoias are the oldest, tallest and most impressive in Bulgaria.

I wish you a magical walk through the beautiful redwood grove in the Yuchbunar area near Kyustendil!

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