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Sopot falls

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

In this travel blog journey we will head to the town of Sopot, where we will explore several charming waterfalls.

Sopot falls

I had no idea how pleasant, lite, beautiful and refreshing the walk along the path to the most famous of the Sopot waterfalls will be!

Hey, I'll tell you now!

How to get here?

The starting point is St. Spas monastery, also known as the Ascension, which is located on the outskirts of the beautiful sub-Balkan city of Sopot.

The Sopot lift is very close, which is also an excellent landmark.

If you arrive by car there are two options where to park - in the parking lot of the lift, which is wide and comfortable enough, but then you will have to cross the meadow because the monastery falls on the other side, or just leave your car directly in front of the monastery, which is the second option.

Whatever you choose, you will not go wrong at all.

Along the west side of St. Spas monastery begins our fascinating adventure.

There is a wide trail that winds along the Manastirska River.

The walls of St. Spas manastir

It's the end of December. Winter has just arrived.

The trees have taken off their gorgeous autumn attire and all around the earth is colorful.

Although it is the beginning of winter, this day is incredibly warm and sunny and the Balkan welcomes me.

The trail to the Sopot falls

The trail is easy to walk, because in only a few places it is steeper, in general it is very pleasant.

Autumn leaves spring under my feet, the winter sun smiles brightly at me, the blue sky inspires me, and the song of the river refreshes me.

The signpost explains to me that in about thirty minutes I will reach the cherished goal. With more photos and a detour from the trail just like that - to enjoy the river, the scpecified time I will probably multiply it by two.

And the surroundings are surprisingly beautiful even this season!

The river is lush and in many places incredibly beautiful smaller waterfalls have formed.

The trail to the Sopot falls

It's fascinating!

I walk and try to capture everything - both with photos and video. In this way you will get an even better idea of the beauty and charm of this beautiful part of Bulgaria.

The majesty of the Balkan and the beauty of the incredible Bulgarian nature!

River Manastirska near the town of Sopot, Bulgaria

I feel complete harmony!

Ah, how calm and magically beautiful it is here!

Small chapel on the trail to the Sopot falls

Slowly, without feeling tired, I reach a small chapel. Right next to it is the first of the two bridges I will cross.

The wooden bridge over the Manastirska river

The second bridge is very close to the first one.

Wooden table and benches for rest near the Sopot falls

Next to it is a nice shed with a fireplace, tables and benches, where everyone can relax.

Sopot falls

There it is - Sopot waterfall on the Manastirska river.

It is very beautiful and boisterous!

Two falls of the water can be seen, and between them is the beating and pulsating heart of the waterfall! The water in this place "plays" and forms a real heart that beats, beats, pulsates and does not stop for a moment!


I somehow managed to cross the rocks and stand just below the waterfall. Due to its height, the "heart" is not visible from here, but it is still charming.

After visiting the amazingly beautiful Sopot waterfall on the Manastirska River, I returned to the starting position in front of the monastery and headed to the next Sopot waterfalls.

This time the starting point is the Saraya district in Sopot and more precisely its northernmost parts, located literally at the foot of the Balkan.

The Balkans near the town of Sopot, Bulgaria

You can leave your car near the meadows, because we will not need it.

The waterfall can actually be seen from here, nestled at the foot of the Balkan.

Sopot falls

You take the trail and in about five minutes you are at the waterfall.

It is very beautiful and full of water!

Enjoy the photos I took for you!

Sopot falls

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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