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Skumsale and Isara

Updated: Jun 10

My dear friends, in a vast area located between the picturesque Sredna gora towns of Strelcha and Koprivshtitsa you will find several ancient megalithic sanctuaries.

I will name some of them - Skumsale, Isara, Kiselitsa, Kulata.

These natural open-air stone exhibition areas can be reached by various trails, but it will be easiest to follow the road from the town of Strelcha to Koprivshtitsa (or vice versa).

How to get to Skumsale?

It has happened that I visit these places during different seasons and I am every time speechless in front of the wonderful beauty of our small but so beautiful Bulgaria.

My dear friends, sometimes words are completely unnecessary, so I just let you enjoy the photos (and an autumn kitten for more smiles).


This is the autumn magic of Skumsale!

An autumn kitten on the rocks of Skumsale.

Or maybe you have a great desire to see Skumsale in the middle of summer?

Then the following photos are especially for you!

And as an ending I have prepared for you the Gathering storm!

I wish you a charming walk around!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

following this link,

do not miss out

to feel and taste the full album with photo moments -

found out, experienced, photographed and shared with you!

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